This is the 2nd version of the blue rose is shorter than the first one and the title is slightly different. I have a problem of choosing which is better or not so I hope you'll enjoy it. And pls!!....pretty pls.submit a reviews and point of views..Thank you!!

Whenever I see a blue rose, I remember.

Whenever I see a blue rose,

In a florist shop in town,

I would always remember a time,

When I gave a blue rose,

To a close friend of mine,

As a gift of our beautiful friendship.

Whenever I see a blue rose,

I would remember a time,

That she took care of me when I was sick,

And to show my appreciation,

I bought and gave the beautiful blue rose,

To her as a thank you and a surprise gift,

And wish that the beautiful blue rose,

Would always bring memories of joy,

In this beautiful friendship forever.

Pretty short. Right?? Anyway, reviews pls!!!