The beautiful lake.

Feeling bored looking at my friends,

As they fooled around playing the swings and see-saws,

Acting like children that never be adults,

I quietly walked away and mumbled to my friend,

That I needed to be alone by myself.

She gave me a knowing smile and gave approving nod,

I guess she knows me better than I know myself,

And I left her and the noisy friends of mine,

Walking quietly and begin my short journey.

As I was walking in Titiwangsa park,

I felt emptiness inside me - emotionless,

Heartless - as people called me that,

Don't know what to feel for people, and also I,

But I did not care yet I just walked away,

But is that a good thing to do?

Is walking away the answer?

Don't know and don't care - that's what I felt.

Now, I felt that my shoulders are heavy,

Like I'm carrying a mountain at my back,

A friend of mine told me to find peace inside me,

She said that is the only way.

Should I believe her or not?

Having no choice, I walked and walked,

Walking aimlessly in a big park,

Trying to have a peaceful and quiet moment,

And there I saw a beautiful lake,

That was as blue as the sky itself.

The lake was so beautiful,

That it shines so brightly under the sun,

That made my mind goes in a daze,

And took my breath away every second.

The lake was so peaceful,

That I could not hear a sound of its water,

That flows softly and quietly,

Under a fair and gay day.

I stared and stared,

As the water flows softly,

I curiously touched its water skin,

Which was so soft yet cool.

Again I stared and stared,

As I felt a sudden peaceful thought,

Coming to my mind without a warning,

As I slowly relaxed under a big tree.

After staring at the lake for half an hour,

Suddenly remembered that my friends,

Were waiting for me near the playground,

And so I ran and got a lecture from them,

Acting like mothers that worried about their daughters,

For they thought something had happened to me.

But I on the other hand - did not hear their lectures,

Because my mind kept on thinking about the lake,

So I just gave a smile and told them that I'm alright,

But then they gave me a surprised look and said I'm weird.

As I came home from my hanging out in the park,

I jump to a white sofa and stared at the ceiling,

And suddenly, I began to think of the lake,

That was in the center of a Titiwangsa park.

Gradually - beautiful thoughts came to my mind,

Of what had happened in my past - memories,

Ah, beautiful memories to cherish in my heart,

And so I dared myself to close my eyes to sleep,

And dreamed of sweet and peaceful thoughts of life.

And somehow, I thank the lake silently in my heart,

For taking away the pain and dullness in my heart,

That I now can be a new person and lead a better life,

And I'm happy to have found - the peace in me.