This is the 2nd version of "The Beautiful Lake". It is also a short poem than the first one. I'm just not sure which version is better. So I did like some reviews please and your point of views!!! Thank you!!!

The Beautiful Lake (2nd version)

As I was walking in the park,

Trying to have a peaceful and quiet moment,

And then I saw the beautiful lake,

Which was as blue as the sky itself.

The lake was so beautiful,

That it shined so brightly under the sun,

It was so peaceful,

That I could not hear a sound of its water.

I stared and stared,

As the water flowed softly,

I began to touched its water skin,

Which was so soft yet cool.

Again I stared and stared,

As I felt a sudden peaceful thought,

Coming to my mind without a warning,

And I began to relax under a tree.

Later, as I laid on a sofa thinking,

I began to think of the lake and felt relaxed,

And so I closed my eyes to sleep,

Dreaming of beautiful memories of life.

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