The year is 2002, and a 17 year old Vin is out looking to go to a party at a local rich kid's house. He walked up to the door and rang the bell. Frank, the 5'9, 195 lbs. of pure muscle football quarterback and whose parents owned the house, answered. Frank is one of those people who wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire, that is unless you owned a car more expensive than some people's houses. The scientific name for him is Preppiecus jackassicus.

"What do you want", he asked with such distain.

"Well this is a party' Vin answered, 'all I want is a couple of beers". And with that Vin pushed his way in and started strolling around. Now Vin is a big guy himself, being 6'3 215. Vin is one of those people that don't really care what people think of him, and he's just out to have a good time and maybe get laid. Scientific name Biggus Normalus.

"Nice digs" said Vin.

"Yeah, and I don't remember inviting you in", Frank replied.

"You know, you think your so big and bad because your daddy owns the bank, but your nothing but a little preppie bitch," said Vin getting in Frank's face.

And with that Frank took a swing at him. Vin easily dodged it because Frank was slightly intoxicated. Frank took another swing and missed again as Vin backed up. Frank took two more swings and missed still with Vin just taking a step backwards. They kept doing this and made their way to the back yard next to the tool shed.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Frank's friend, and another preppie, named Joey came out and hit Vin in the back of the head with a sledgehammer. And as Vin fell lifeless to the ground there were screams and hollers as all 10 of the people there, 5 guys and 5 girls, started freaking out.

"WHAT DID YOU DO," shouted Frank?

"I was just trying to help" answered Joey in a trembling voice.

"WELL YOU DID A REAL NICE JOB BY KILLING HIM," screamed Frank still shouting hysterically.

"W-Well maybe he's not dead" said Joey.

Cindy, another girl at the party, bent down and checked Vin's pulse.

"Yes, he's dead", said Cindy.

"Well we have got to do something," screamed Kelly, another party guest.

"LIKE WHAT GENIUS?" said a still screaming Frank.

"Like get rid of the body,' said Kelly, 'and I know just the place, there's a river by my uncle's factory, nobody will ever go there because my uncle pays the cops not to go looking for the toxic waste he dumps there."

"That's a perfect idea,' said a more calmed down Frank, 'Joey, you, Ryan, Jason, and Nick get the body and put him in the back of my truck, I'll go get it."

Frank went out, got his truck, and backed it into the driveway. And out came the other four guys carrying Vin. They threw him in the back of the truck, hopped in their own units, and sped off. The girls, Cindy, Kelly, Shannon, Ashley, and Casey all decided to stay there incase someone showed up.

After a few minutes the boys arrived at the river and tossed Vin in thinking that everything was over. A week later, all the investigations and searches had given up ruling it that Vin ran away. Frank and his friends thought they had gotten away with it but they were wrong, dead wrong...

That night they had another party, just the ten of them, they were laughing it up, drinking, and having a good time. Then the doorbell rang. Jason was the first to get up to go get it.

"I'll get it,' he said, 'you guys just sit there, I'll be right back".

Jason got to the door, opened it and immediately shit his pants. For what he saw nobody would expect in a thousand years. There in front of him stood Vin! Well what was left of him, his right arm from the elbow down was nothing but bones, his cloths were in tatters, and the back of his head was missing.

Vin was actually the first one to speak "Hi Jason, what's up", he said, with a slight twitch.

And before he could answer Vin pulled Jason out of the house and covered up his mouth with his good hand.

"You know, that wasn't a very nice thing you guys did to me,' he whispered into the ear of Jason, 'and you know sense my right arm is pretty much gone, I think I'll take yours". Then in one swift movement, Vin let go of Jason, turned him around, and ripped his right arm completely off. Jason looked from the arm in Vin's hand to his newly formed bloody stump and back to him arm again, and passed out without making a sound.

"Aww, now I can't just leave him out here to bleed to death," said Vin to himself.

And with that Vin proceeded to beat Jason over the head numerous times with his own arm until he stopped breathing. After he was done he held up his newly acquired prize and wondered to himself what to do with it. His question was then answered, but not by his own accord. His all bone right arm fell off, and immediately Jason's old one moved in to fill the place. It was like the arm had a mind of its own. It hooked itself to the shoulder and Vin could see all the muscle coming together to form one. After only a short amount of time Jason's arm had fully attached itself to Vin's shoulder, and was fully functional at that.

"Well,' thought Vin, 'that was new. I guess the same thing that brought me back to life must have given my body the ability to absorb other parts to replace things I've lost. And give me excessive strength at that, before I could never rip someone's arm off."

Vin walked into the house and made his way to the living room where the others were.

Frank heard him, and said as he was turning around, "Damn Jason that took you long enough who was- HOLY SHIT!' he exclaimed as he saw who it was.

"SURPRISE, MISS ME," yelled Vin with arms out stretched.

"W-W-We thought you were dead" stuttered Joey.

"Yeah, getting hit in the back of the head with a sledgehammer tends to have THAT EFFECT ON PEOPLE!" Screamed Vin.

"W-Well how did you get back" asked Kelly?

"Interesting story actually,' started Vin leaning up against a table, 'you see in RIVER that you DUMPED me into after you HIT me in the HEAD with a SLEDGEHAMMER, there were those toxic chemicals that you, Kelly, had afore mentioned. And as far as I can tell, for the last week I've been sitting in them and they mutated me in a way so I can come back to life."

"Well it's great that your back, but how did you know what I had said about the toxic waste," asked Kelly?

"Just because I was dead didn't mean that I wasn't aware." And at that moment Vin moved his head slightly to the right as an axe came down and chopped of his left hand at the wrist, with Joey behind the handle.


Vin quickly turned around and punched Joey in the face. He hit quite harder than he thought he would because his fist went through Joey's face. Vin quickly got an idea. With his fist inside Joey's head, Vin straitened his hand and pushed on the back of the boy's skull. After only a second the bone fractured and Vin was left holding a newly dead man's back of a head. Throwing down the recently departed, Vin turned around and placed the piece of skull on the back of his own head. Just like the arm, Vin's head absorbed the chunk of cranium into itself.
"Much better, I was tired of feeling that draft,' he said to the crowd of wide-eyed eight, 'oh, did I forget to mention, I can also absorb other parts into my own. Can you guess where I got this arm," he asked indicating to his right?

"J-Jason" asked one of the remaining?

"Ding ding mother fuckin' ding. Which leads me to wonder if I can only absorb human tissue. Don't go no where, and in the words of the late Jason 'I'll be right back' ha ha ha".

Vin left the room in search of something he could put in place of his left hand. Meanwhile back in the living room. The others were going ape shit.

"What do we do, what do we do, what do we do" shrieked Casey?

"I'll call the cops," said Ryan.

"And tell them what 'a man we killed last week has came back from the dead and is now after us'" said Nick snidely.

"YES," shouted Ryan!

Everybody then did the shhhhhh sound to Ryan.

"Be quite he might hear you, and besides I already tried the phones when Vin was um.. dealing with Joey," explained Shannon.

"Well we can't just sit here and let him kill us,' cried Ashley.

"Your right,' said Frank, 'my dads got a handgun in his desk in his study, I'm going to make a run for it. Cover me".

"I'm baaaaack,' hollered Vin from the doorway, 'and look what I found". He stepped from behind the door and showed his new left hand or tool for that matter. Attached to his left arm at the wrist was a FREAKING' CHAINSAW! "Let's rev this baby up," he said as he pulled the cord and the chainsaw roared to life.

Just then Kelly, wielding a large butcher knife, came screaming behind him. Vin turned around at the last second, lifted up his left arm and cut Kelly clean in half, lengthwise that is.

"Well wasn't that interesting," stated Vin.

"You MONSTER," cried Ashley getting into Vin's face, 'why are you doing this"?

"I'm no monster, and I'm just getting you assholes back for all the shit you preps gave me and my friends at school. Not to mention the fact that you KILLED ME. Man, get it through your head, I'm very very pissed off, and I'm going to kill all of you."

Suddenly, from across the room five shots were fired into the chest of Vin by Frank, causing Vin to stumble back and fall down. But while in the process of falling Vin swung his arm and cut Ashley from the right shoulder to the left hip. And as she fell into two parts Vin got up and started laughing.

"Now seriously, 'Vin said as he walked towards Frank as he continued to shot him, 'I've lost an arm, and I replaced it, I've lost the back of my head, and I replaced it, and I lost my left hand, and as you can see, I've replaced that. Now, what did you think shooting me would do?"

And with that Vin grabbed Frank's hair and made three quick slices. And three different parts of Frank fell. But Vin held onto his head.

"I think I'll hang on to this for a while."

Vin then walked around the room then suddenly stopped.

"You know what? I'm hungry. I'm going to get a snack; does anybody want anything" Vin asked?

They all shook their heads no. Once Vin was in the other room Ryan called the others together.

"Okay, listen up, when he comes back in, me and Nick will jump him, you, Cindy and Shannon, you two do your best to hold that chainsaw arm at bay, and Nick and restrain the rest of him," Ryan whispered.

"Okay", said the rest of them.

Vin came back into the room and was jumped right away by Ryan, Nick, Cindy, and Shannon. To which Vin easily fended them off.

"Now look what you've done. You made me drop my sandwich. Now I'm really pissed."

That being said Vin raised him arm and sliced through them all in one swing. Now Casey is the only one left.

"You know Casey, I always liked you, even though you were a bitch. And for that I'll let you live. Don't get me wrong, I would like to kill you, but I need somebody to tell my story. And I'm leaving that up to you. Can you do that for me?" She shook her head yes. "Good" said Vin. "So I take my leave, here take this to remember me by," and with that Vin tossed Casey Frank's severed head. "Bye"
* * * * * * * * * * *

A few days later Casey had led the police to the river where they had dumped Vin in the first place. And they were surprised when they found him there just sitting there. One officer drew his gun and fired before any order was given. And the resulting spark made by the gun set off a chain reaction starting with the igniting of the chemicals in the river and ending with the deaths of six people including Vin himself.

He could be killed afterwards. It turned out that he burned to death. Now seeing that he had killed nine people, Vin was just thrown in a box and buried out in the country. Which was just fine for everybody including Vin. Because as he stated earlier just because he's dead doesn't mean he's not aware.