-Pain's Fealty-
I was so afraid of..walking along the shadows that led to you...

Im not anymore..
Closed to the past before..

Your eyes....
Your decieving stare...
Led me to believe there would be no more sunrise..

Oh your dreadful lies..
Born from your surmise...
You act as if its all surprise...

All the pain is greater in size..

All of my pain....
Kept you sane..
Yet unknowing to your slain....

It drove me insane....

And all of the scars don't ammount..
To all the dried tears that I can count..

The blood will bring me closer..
To what I want to know..
The regret of your poser..
Doesn't want let go

You feel evil...
Also regret..

Yet, with all do respect..
You haven't touched the tears I've wept..

Trying to make me upset..
When your demands weren't met

I want to forgive and forget..
But my soul won't let..
You steal my heart..

And tear open the wounds....

All apart

All I can do is remember..
The blood gone from me forever

You weren't worth my tears...
You weren't worth my years..
You weren't worth my fears..

You aren't worth your price..
All I've learned from you..
Is never take upon false advice..

You weren't worth all the hurt..
So fearful of my life..
With my heart at alert

You weren't worth any of it at all..

I look at you now..

And I don't seem that small..

Slowly I used to bleed,
You threw your arms up..
For then, you could suceed..
Whoever knew..
Of my revengeful need..

So scared of your return..
To prove my will petty..
All the bruises brought to learn..

And all the time you couldn't see..
To those eyes that do concern..

It is I..
Who wants you..
To die

The cuts, The scars..
The bloodshed..
Hoping soon..
I'd be dead

You aren't worth anything...
Anything at all..

And I still pray..

To see you loose and fall

To see this by algorithm
And slowly feel..
My heart's rhythm..
Believeing I could heal..

If I finally could accept..

That all of this was all real..

Deep within my dark nightmare..
Knowing life is unfair..
Yet to look into your eyes..

Was a inscrutable dare..

To your eyes edacious..
Your kindness fails to see..
The evil so imperious

The evil you..
The kind you..

And I don't know what to do..

I still can't believe you fail to see..
All the pain you brought upon me..
And all the lies of misery....
Proved I only wanted was to be free..

And through all the debris..
You still won't agree...
Yet you guarantee...
Happiness, for a fee

The pain, up to degree..
Cries out for one last plea..
Only to you, darkness emcee
I hereby...

Leave this to be

You scream after....
But im gone..

When the sun came after the rain.....

I realize you weren't worth the pain