Disclaimer: First of all this is NOT repeat NOT my work. It belongs to my reviewer and friend, Nikki. It is ALL OF HERS!

September 11

One year ago, a tragic thing happened. The World Trade Center was attacked. A plane flew right into one of the towers. And then, before America's eyes, Another one flew into the second building. As I watched this on T.V., I thought," What is this world coming to?" After the second plane crashed, it was obvious it was a deliberate attack. As I sat in horror watching all this happen, my mom told me to go to school. All day we talked about what happened that September morning. As we talked, we started to guess who or what country would do this. My best friend named Russia, and others named Germany. I for one had no clue who did it. I don't think anyone would have guessed Afghanistan. After school, when I got into the house, I immediately turned on the news and found out there were 2 more attacks. "God please help us." That was what my friend said as we heard the towers had fell earlier that day. Finally, she had to go home and I was alone. I thought about all this and started to cry. But then I stopped and remembered, We are America and we have the power to over come this and get revenge. I never really talked about that day with anyone. Occasionally I will ask someone, "What do you think about September 11?" Most answers are that they think they were cowards and America will always win no matter what. Even people I chat with over the internet, know we will win. I do too. But in the end, no matter what, We will have to remember we got through it together. And nothing can ever separate us as a country. We will always be united. We have the power and the courage. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, can stand in our way to stop us believing in our freedom. Thank you America. But most of all, Thank you God, for helping us become so strong.