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Everywhere Dom looked she saw white-toothed smiles, perfectly brushed hair, wall-to-wall carpeting, and three-car garages. Around her this suburbia that was only paradise if you belonged. And she didn't. She felt like a black sheep in a large flock of white sheep. So she tucked her ruby hair into purple caps, clunked around in her big boots, and whistled the songs of all her rock stars.

School was no different. Around her every girl she saw wore skin-tight clothes, too much make up, and were happy if they could call attention to the white sneakered hair gelled boys who never took their groping eyes away from their tiny bodies. Dom sat in her classes, dazed. Drawing eyes with striped tears coming out of them. Her disc man always playing, she lived in the world of all her rock stars. Dom searched the hallways with her green eyes for a single person who might understand. Who was different or interesting in any way. But then she would lower dark lashes to the ground in front of her realizing there was no use. She was alone in a world where she didn't belong.

Until she saw him.