Life had been a dream. A shiny coin falling quickly through the air. Dropped from the Eiffel tower. Exhilaration. An ever-present rush. Love. But then the coin hit the surface of the sidewalk, denting the cold concrete, bouncing up, ringing out into the night. Tears froze on cheeks. And a curly haired Zane was gone. Dom cried but her tears were not striped any more. They were clear, and warm, and salty. Full of life. Her stomach felt empty. Even emptier than before because she knew how it felt not to be lonely. She felt her limbs seize up. Her fingers turn numb. Life was a dark night and she was a fluorescent streetlamp buzzing, flickering, and finally going out. Pigeons flapped their wings in her face and glass cut into her feet. Every breath that escaped her lips echoed of Zane's kisses. She drew black hearts all over her body, sometimes even on her face. People stared at her, now even more than they used to. And she hated them for it. She wanted to disappear into the earth and sprout leaves so she could hide under them. Without Zane darkness was darker and brightness stung her eyes. Without Zane life was pain. And Dom could not stand the pain.

She was drunk on the taste of her sadness and blood as she sat on the floor of her room. Her body a deep red, covered in her own blood. Slashes on her arms and chest. She was a dying bird. Her heart was throbbing with pain. Life had no colors without Zane. Smudges across her face from the black hearts she had scribbled, ruby hair tangled and half pulled out by her angry fists. So this is what I have been given, she thought. Life is a mass of red and black and salt and pain. Love only gives pain.