Amy Rose Violets
The Lone Warrior

Story 1
Kadann, The Dark One or The Annoyance?

Amy Rose Violets walked down on the dirt road. It was a lovely sunny day, yet Amy seemed to depise it. Its so happy.. The world is happy, yet I am not. Thought Amy. With a sigh, she continues on her merry way. She stopped with a brow raised, sensing an evil dark present nearby.

She snarled. Damnit! Its Kadann again.. why is it he wont go away? She thought angrily. "Kadann!" She shouted, "Come out wherever you are! I shall not be toyed again by you, not now!" Soon afterwards, Kadann appeared in a swirl of dark energy.

He had slightly flowing brown hair, and brown eyes that had an evil gleam in the eye. She wore a black mage's robe, and he's slightly musculer but cannot be seen because of the cloak. Yes, to those who like handsome bad guys, he's handsome.

His eyes examined Amy up and down. Amy had long brown hair to the waist, and she has a white shirt on. Over it, was a red vest tightly tied together with some string. She had slightly baggy black pants on, and tight knee high black boots.

"Heh, Cant I play with my 'favorite toy?' " He asked, trying to pull an innoncent cute face. Amy grumbled under her breath. "Favorite toy my ass! Leave me alone NOW!" she shouted, as she walked by him. Kadann pulled a fake frown and pouted.

"Aww, now you hurt my feelings.. " He said, with a fake whimper. Amy rolled her eyes as she continued to walk. Kadann followed behind her. Finally, Amy could not take it anymore. Amy turned around and swung a fist at Kadann, shouting "DAMNIT, GO AWAY!"

Before the punch hit, he disappeared and reappeared behind her. Amy turned, an evil gleam in her eye as she lunged at him. With a laugh, Kadann stepped back at good speed. He laughed again, and disappeared for good. Amy growled in frustration as she stomped down the road.

Two old men watched the whole thing. "Yup, they were at it again.." Spokt the first old man to the other. "It figures. They ALWAYS argued, for 300 years I heard." The second old man said. "I bet all my money that one day they'll get married.. didja see her eyes go soft when she saw him?"

"Yup." Said the second old man. "One of these days, they'll fall in love.. its probably fate, but who knows?" Amy walked into the sunset, like a mystical angel. Who knows where this woman shall go.. what adventure awaits her? Find out in the second story!