Subject: Thrill Of The Hunt
Date: 11/28/02 6:05 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: ATK440

He has to pick today to pull such a stunt,
Because he has lived for the thrill of the hunt.
His last victim was a fashion designer,
Until he has decided to choose her
As the next victim for the hunt.

After work,she had walked over to an RTA station
And boarded a tram to go to her final destination--
Which was her home.

But unknown to her,
The tram was also boarded by the hunter,
Who had seated himself a few seats away
From his attended quarray,
Where he has only able to keep an eye on her.

After the tram had rolled on its way
To the next station,the woman had started to pray
For some hope that nothing should happen to her

However,as soon as the tram had entered a dark
Tunnel,the hunter had decided to make his mark
And snap the trap closed on his prey.

He had rose from his seat,walked closer
To his prey and started ripping her
Clothes off of her body.

But before he was able to force himself on to her,
An unexpected surprise had appeared for the hunter.
A third party was also in that empty car
And he was able to shoot--from very far
Away--at the hunter.

After he was shot in the back of the head,
The hunter had fallen to floor and was dead.
And indeed,
The woman was saved by the stranger's deed.

As for the stranger,it could be
No one else,but me.
After all,I had to pull off such a stunt,
For I also live for the thrill of the hunt.