These are some of the things that make me happy...or just sounded cool, I don't remeber which anymore.

Happiness is the fact that you know that someone
loves you no matter what.
Happiness is the feeling you get when you get
your first kiss from that person.
Happiness is the taste of white chocolate
on your tounge after Easter.
Happiness is spending four hours on the phone
with your best friend talking about nothing.
Happiness is being able to share a good joke,
and having someone to appreciate it.
Happiness is when you leap into an ice cold pool
on a very hot day.
Happiness is mud wrestling at a
Limp Bizkit concert.
Happiness is sneaking out at one in the morning
to watch a meteor shower in a cow pasture.
Happiness is watching an all-night marathon of
South Park, and staying awake for the whole thing.
Happiness is taking two hours
in the shower.
Happiness is being able to throw a keg over a 20 foot wall,
and getting out of the way before it hits you in the head.
Happiness is eating all the
red and orange Juju beans out of the box.
Happiness is being able to mantain a long distance relationship
for more then a day.
Happiness is being able to laugh at anything your
friends tell you.
Happiness is finally beating that level 3-2 in
the South Park game for N64.
Happiness is finally beating the whole
damn game!
Happiness is writing a love letter to
your best friend for the hell of it.
Happiness is drawing a picture for someone
from your heart.
Happiness is being able to draw Kenny without
a picture.
This is just happy.