Boy, I was feeling mighty angry at this one kid named Kyle when I worte this...oh, how I hate him...

Ripping through him like a
Burning poker.
The white hot flame of hate
Protrudes through his skull as
I once again raise the club.
A plastic spoon,
Raised in anger,
Is used to rip out the eyes
Of the beholder,
The prejudger of women,
The asshole of men,
The soul of one only
Surpassed by
Satan himself.
Kyle, if you knew
What thoughts flowed through my mind
When I first saw you,
You would be appalled by their
Extremely violent nature.
With your beady blue eyes,
And your mouth that always
Seems to hang open,
And your mushroom head
And flat family tree'
Your life will be sucked out
Of you,
By a vacuum cleaner set on high,
And your life will be done.
Only then will I rest, Kyle
I hate you.