Inner Hate

This poem was one inspired by a song that our elite choir (that I am not in, hmph! LoL) is singing called 'April is in my Mistress Face' and it's about a lady who is really sweet on the outside but a major beotch on the inside, like this poem says. I dunno, maybe I should give it up and get a life! :)

Stony eyes,
An outcrop of rocks
Encased by the unseamed
White of lilies,
Wrapping around coffins of ones
So loved, that are lost.
Her face, seemingly
As kind and as gentle
As the titmouse, is really home to
Unfathomable hate,
Concealed by the tranquil lake of
False emotions and
Dishonest truths.
The thin, pursed lips,
Crinkled in the smile
She wants to wear
Upside down.
What an angry, terrible being,
Hidden by the sweet, graceful beauty of one
Loved by all.