Do you trust me

"Do you trust me?" he asked smiling .His eyes flashed ,and for a moment she thought she trusted him. For a moment she believed he was what she had longed for, for so long.

She smiled back and took his hand they were warm and soft, something she didn't expect but came to accept. He led her through the building, there were many doors, all closed and securely locked. She trusted him. But didn't know why.

"Here." He said softly pressing a small hard object into her palm as they stopped before a door. The soft light from beneath the door made the action seem warm and familiar. She looked up at him. His eyes were smiling and she trusted him for a moment more.

Inside the room there was a small fire, in a large fireplace. On the mantle were pictures of a family, smiles all around . Their faces seemed to glow and their smiles brightened as she examined each one over and over in her mind. She didn't understand this notion. Smiling was what you do to cover the pain.

They sat before the fire, her on his lap. His chest was warm against her back. His rhythmic breathing soothing her as she relaxed into his embrace. He held her and promised to never let go. He began to kiss her neck softly, gently. "Its ok." he whispered when she began to pull away. "You can trust me"

He turned her around and pressed his forehead against hers. He gazed deep into her eyes. He could see the pain there behind the thin walls of normality, the illusion of trust had slowly began to become a reality. This was a big step in her life. Through the many layers he could see the scars etched deep into her soul and vowed to make them go away.

"I wont hurt you. I promise ."

She blinked and the connection was broken. She tried to pull away once more but he wouldn't let go. He held on tighter squeezing her arms so she couldn't break free of his embrace. "I promise." he continued as he pinned her arms to her side. She twists and contorts in his grasp trying to wretch herself free. The more she struggle the tighter he holds . Broken, she collapses in his arms. He holds her tighter, afraid of loosing her.

The fire dies down and the rooms grows colder .He makes no attempt to re- light the tinder. They sit facing the glowing coals. Inside her the old scars reopen. Slowly she begins to smile as cold tears travel the familiar path down her face and splatter on her burning scars.