Sweet Misery
© Black Tangled Heart

Hunger quieted as bones protrude from beneath sickly skin

Emerald eyes that were once shimmering with life

Have lost their sparkle

Pain is numbed as food presses into her stomach, only to be flushed away

As it travels from the recesses of her weak body

Into her throat, scorching the delicate tissue

And falling from her brittle lips

To rest in a porcelain basin.

As darkness falls she does not rest her head to let her brittle tresses

Splay upon her pillow

Instead she exerts her tired body with exercise,

Pushing weary bones and muscles

Until her breath is ragged and acidity is high inside her veins

Why does she live this way?

Why must her agony be smothered with layers of self inflicted torment?

Her body is fragile and still her dependence

Upon mutilation and binging, starving and suffering brings her

A state of languid elation

Heightened by each scar and every stomach ache

She is inside an hourglass, with time descending upon her soul

And still she slides inside the embrace of blackness

Trapped by a fervent web of brutal affection

For her potential executioner