My Puppies

By Moocedes

~*~*~This is the (true) story about how I got my two golden retriever puppies that are turning two in December!  It takes place when I was in fifth grade over spring break.  (March 2001)~*~*~

It was late one spring night when my dad told me that he was going to bring me a present the next day.  I was excited, and wanted to know what it was.  My mom came in and told me to go to bed because it was 11:30 and I had to go to my friend's house the next day.  I kept thinking about the present… "Is it gonna be a pet?" I whispered, looking around the dark, empty room. "Probably not," I replied to myself silently. 

The next day, my mom woke me up at around 9:00 and she took me to my friend Lindsey's house.  I had fun, but the thought of the present was still on my mind and it was still puzzling me.  I knew it had to be exciting because my dad wouldn't tell me he was going to get me something.  By the time my mom picked me up, I had almost completely forgotten about everything that had been on my mind before. 

When we got home, I was bored out of my mind so I decided to start the little bit of homework that I had because I only had about 30 minutes worth of it.  At the end of those 30 minutes, the phone rang; my mom answered it.  "It's dad, he wants us to come out to the garage," She bellowed from across the house.  When we got there, my dad told us to turn around. A sudden thought came to my mind; maybe it really is a puppy.  I kept denying it though.  "My dad wouldn't get us a puppy," I said to myself in my head.  He opened door to the back seat and then opened the trunk.  When he opened the trunk I thought for sure that it wasn't a puppy, because he would never keep a dog in the trunk.  He only opened the trunk to avert our attention.  He took out a kennel from the back seat and two adorable puppies came hurtling out.   My mom started sobbing, I looked at her like she was going crazy.  We took them to the back yard and decided to name them Emma and Madison.


Emma and Madison are almost two now… Emma is afraid of EVERYTHING and she is a little devil….. and Madison is a sweet angel, funny how sisters can be so different……..

Hope you liked my story, um…… I think that is all….. BYE BYE!