Ah, yes. Another one of those spur-of-the-moment things. I've been using a lot of night imagery and ideas lately; I wonder what this could mean. Enjoy, and please leave a review!

A Hole in Heaven

I forget so easily
those lessons that made sense to me
a year ago; they're faded
like the backs of worn corduroys,
dull underneath calloused, inquisitive fingers.

The radio regurgitates sounds -
so much teenage raging,
as if the guitar melodies
told the stories of our lives.

You wrote those lyrics for me once,
you did the impossible
and expressed what you were feeling
instead of bottling them up
and hoping by the next Fourth of July
the bubbling demons would flatline.
(They usually burst in premature fireworks.)

I said good morning to the stars,
and hated them when they didn't respond.
Loosened hair,
windswept mentality,
each strand singing a different chord...
but never in tune.

Too normal to be committed,
yet too crazy to be accepted -
it's the limbo that gets me
wandering from ideas and lives
into Hell.

You were there last time,
you saw the descent, the pattern.
You said nothing,
only emitted commiseration,
as if it were the medication I needed.

You are a star,
and the night air penetrates again.

Forgive me for this little bout of self-flattery, but I do like that third stanza. ^_^