We never see what's right under our eyes,
Most of us are really just underhand spies.
We trick ourselves with our own lies,
And we pretend that no one ever dies.

We live in a foolish place,
Where gold makes up the gates.
And the birds are always so gay,
And then sun shines every day.

We've locked ourselves in,
We can't even see ourselves in the din.
We say all the world's our kin,
Even the sharks with their pretty fins.

Illusions are so very pretty,
Houses are so wonderfully bricky.
Living like this is never tricky,
Not while the cuckoo clocks go ticky.

Fooling ourselves is easy,
Never making mistakes is breezy.
None of our hair's greasy,
Winter's never freezy.

We pretend everything's perfect,
Nothing's hard to get.
Size 0 clothing always fit,
And we can always chew what we've bit.

But when the dream shatters,
The weak is immediately battered.
While the lazy just gets fatter,
The rest talk aimless chatter.

Illusions are never real,
They're just part of the deal
Of the perfect world's feel
Where everyone wants to go with zeal.

But reality's better than dreams,
Bitterness is better than whipped cream.
Because when illusions fall down the stream,
Reality becomes the only ream.

Find a way to escape before it's too late,
Redetermine your own fate.
Don't let illusions make you into bait,
And allow yourself to waste.

Deal with the truth and don't ever hide,
Never surrender but rather fight.
Don't stay in the world of pretty lights,
Shatter the illusions before they ever bite.

Stay in reality and always remain safe,
Don't let illusions drag you into the caves.
Make sure that you never stray,
When illusions tempt, never stay.