Can you see the years passing me by?
Those years spent thinking of you
Over and over again, speaking the
Same words through different methods
"I love you"

Can you hear the deep, saddenning sighs?
Each breath I take I hear your name
Every night is filled with images of you
But never in my dreams do you say
"I love you"

Can you taste the tears streaming the cheeks?
Containing the salt that fills with loneliness
A million thoughts condenses in a single drop
And every single one of them declare aloud
"I love you"

Can you be the one that I forever seek?
The girl I dream about day and night
Walk a thousand miles just to hear your laugh
And to spell out in the stars
"I love you"

Can you touch the emotion underneath my cover?
The scars that my heart has endured for you
When thoughts of you cause me to act uncontrollably
While my outside is calm, inside I am screaming
"I love you"

Can you smell the perfume of my lover?
It reeks of honey and the odours of spring
Although I cannot have you close to me
I can breath in your scents of love because
"I love you"