Beware: Beyond this line be ... errr... silly lines?
ah well:)

It's the moment for which we've all been waiting
Whether you've been playing, commentating or spectating

Humble as ever, he walks onto the field
(Any injuries he had have, by now, all healed)

The crowd lets out a deafening cheer
Australia's greatest batsman is here!

Brandishing a bat, he walks straight to the pitch
As of yet, there's not the slightest glitch

The crows cheers again, they know what he's worth
He's the greatest batsman to live on Earth!

His bat hits the ground as he motions that he's ready
He watches as the bowler runs, his eyes ever steady

The ball races towards him, and all Australia's proud
Because theire favourite batsman has avoided being out!

Commentators crowing as the bowler tries again
But our guy stands firm! A batsmen among men:)

And another ball is thrown, he's already lasted two
And then before you know it, half an over's through

The crowd lets out as a sigh as the bowler takes the wicket
But Glenn McGrath batting makes a funny day at the cricket:)

NOTE: Although he did just get 8* yesterday, so we're all proud;) (IF you don't know about Glenn McGrath, you miss half the fun, but still ok:)