Feeling lonely and excluded
while resting in my chair
I ponder
why am I here?

Mommy says I'm here to change things
make this world a better place,
but is it worth inflicting all this pain?

No one wants me here,
everyone is upset,
how can enraging people
be helpful?

I don't think I understand.
I wish people would just accept me.
Why do white people care that I'm black?
How come my black neighbors despise me for the school I go to?

I'm so confused.
I'm not sure what I'm doing here
or what I'm trying to prove,
but I do know

when we all go to heaven
God won't care
what color I am
or what school I go to

he will forgive me of all my sins
just as he forgives those white people
who taunt me outside of school
and my black neighbors who disowned me.