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Terra, a world much unlike earth is the home to many a creature. This world is divided into two halves, the Seelie and Unseelie courts; the Seelie, representing all the good of the land, and the Unseelie, representing all of the darkness of the land. At one time, both were equal, and a war broke out between them. The Seelie court was quickly defeated, and its remnants now live scattered and in fear of the Unseelie. The balance of both Earth and Terra is now gone, and it is time for a rebalance to occur. Now is that time, and now is the time the chosen one will bring light to the darkness!

Birds sang all around an unconscious out Naomi. She lay in the heart of a forest, surrounded by healthy trees, bushes, and fields of grass. She had entered the realm of Terra.

"Where. Where am I?" Naomi said aloud, as she again refocused, noticing that the night had become day. "What is this place? Is this Terra?" She walked around, trying to figure out where she could be. She had never seen so much healthy life all around like this. She had heard her mother and father talking about how world was once a beautiful place, covered in fields of grass, flowers, trees, rivers, lakes, and everything imaginable! Was she in that place? She again felt as though she were in heaven.

Some time later, she found her way to a dark cave, and all around it lay dead or dying grass. Puzzled, she neared, unaware of the danger within. She heard a deep and loud sound, like some monstrous creature sniffing the air. From inside the cave, a fire lit and a huge shadow appeared.

"Who goes there?" A booming voice questioned from within the cave. Naomi, confused ran for the trees. "Human? Here? DIE!" The voice boomed. From inside the cave came a bat like man. He had muscular arms and legs, and with leathery wings with a sneering batty face. He had no realistic kind of skin tone. He was jet black with red stripes across his body. He carried a strange kind of spear, it too jet-black. She felt a dark energy radiating off of him.

"What the h-" Naomi started, startled. The monstrosity let out a shrill laugh, and lunged towards Naomi. "Some one help me!" She cried, and dove out the way of the lunging monster.

"No one will save you ahahahahhah!" The monster boomed.

"Get away from me!" She cried, and raised her hands. The blue light, though dim, did appear like it had before. She felt its warmth, but it was weak as if depleted.

"Whatcha gunna do?" It mocked. Naomi concentrated on the blue light, and it fired out towards the monster. The monster was engulfed in smoke when the light hit it. As the smoke cleared, the outline of the monster still stood, his hand in front of his mouth in a yawn. "That it?" It sneered, and then raised the spear for another lunge.

"Someone please help me!" She cried again. She had a feeling no one was going to save her this time.

"No one here but the Unseelie little girl! AHAHAHA" The beast laughed.

He's right. What am I going to do!? She frantically thought. Suddenly, she heard the hooves of a horse, galloping hard.

"I fight with the spirit of the holy light! I call upon it now to increase my might!" The rider called as his steed galloped into the beast.

"Elf? Here?" Cried the beast.

"This is your end gargoyle!" The rider called and a blinding white sword appeared in his right hand.

"Your wrong-This is yours fool of the Seelie!" The gargoyle cried. The rider merely laughed and slew the monstrous beast with a single slash across its chest. The monster fell, and the Rider dismounted. The rider stood tall, his short red hair blowing in the breeze and his green eyes staring at his fallen victim. He then turned to Naomi with an outstretched hand.

"Greetings fair maiden, might I ask your name?" The rider said.

"My name is. Naomi. Who are you?" Naomi said, taking his hand as he helped her to her feet.

"I am Felix, the swordsmen. My name means balance in elvish. But we must depart, these woods are not safe." Felix said. He mounted his horse and offered Naomi a hand. Naomi again accepted, and he helped her onto the horse. They rode off, out of the forest through hills and valleys; they rode for three days and Naomi often dozed off, awoken only to see a glimpse of some town or lake, and then dozed off again. After the third day, she awoke to a small forest village, its inhabitants all human looking.

"Greetings Felix, who is this maiden you have brought to us?"

"She is a human I found in the Forests of the Unseelie."

"Unseelie? Human? How could a human have escaped that far?"

"I do not know, but there is something odd about her. She has an aura like that of a planet, but that's impossible."

"Felix? Where are we?" Naomi asked, nearly awake.

"This is the forest town of Denji. This is one of the few remaining Seelie towns." Felix said.

"Seelie. Unseelie. What does it all mean?" Naomi asked.

"What.? You mean you don't know about the courts?" Felix asked, puzzled.

"C-courts?" Naomi asked, equally puzzled.

"There are two courts, one of good, the other of evil. The gargoyle was evil, so he followed the ways of the Unseelie court. The Seelie court is the court of good, I follow it, and so do all these people here. The courts once shared this land, but then a war broke out and the dark Unseelie court overtook us, and this is nearly all that's left."

"I never heard of any war between." Naomi trailed still tired from the ride.

"This is where I leave you. For you see, these people only offer me food and health, not a home. I am sure you will be accepted. Farwell Naomi, may our paths meet again!" He said, and helped her off the horse, then road away. As he did, Naomi noticed something just below the front of his neck. The mark of the Yen and Yang! She was lead to a small house and told that she could stay here so long as she helped with the farming, and work around the city. She agreed, having nowhere else to go, and began to live her life as a member of the Seelie court. After five days, she got a visit from an old friend.

"Naomi! Get up! You can't waist any time! Get going! The Earth is doomed if you don't! Time here is much slower than that on earth, so it's been months!" The Monitor said, hovering over Naomi. Naomi woke with a start to see a blue ball floating over her.

"M-monitor?" She mumbled still tired. She wasn't too great at waking up quickly.

"Yes! Now get going! Find the four! Travel to Bermercia that's your first destination, then head to the forested mountain. Next you'll have to find a way into the infernal caves, and finally unite them all under the golden throne. Now get going! I don't normally interfere with such planetary maters but in this case-GET ON!" The Monitor yelled, and then disappeared. That mourning, she set off on foot with five days worth of supplies and a map. She was headed to Bermercia, to hopefully find her first Spirit.

"Good luck to you Naomi!"

"Come back soon!"

"Be careful out there!

"Wait-Bermercia's a flood site! Naomi wait!"


The roads to Bermercia were dangerous, and filled with bandits and minions of the Unseelie. Naomi moved as quickly as she could, staying on the main roads and keeping her eyes and ears open. She made good time, according to her map. It was seven days to Bermercia and two days to the nearest town from Denji. She had already passed the second town by the second day, and was two days ahead of the map. All looked well until her Third day.

"I smell. I smell. Human girl! Me so hungry, me EAT human girl!" Something said on the night of the third day. Naomi sat up startled by the voice. "Soo hungry. You taste good me think!" Said the voice again.

"Who's there?" Naomi called into the darkness. She was answered with a shrill yet hollow laugh.

"Tis me, goblin Kilimidern." The sneering voice called back. "You not need to tell your name, for now it is prey!"

"Prey?" Naomi asked, and then saw the beast. It was very short, and had a hunched back. Its skin was wilted and green, its rotted yellow teeth shown in the weak firelight. It had hideous glowing yellow eyes, its pupils in a reptilian slit.

"Yes, you now are prey!" Kilimidern cried and dove onto Naomi's shoulder. She saw his head rear up, and then she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. The beast just laughed.

"Get off me!" She cried desperately. Her mind began to race; she didn't know what to do.

"So sweet! Me will enjoy eating you!" Kilimidern sneered, again trying to bite her. This time she was ready. She flung it off with her left hand, and it landed near the fire.

"Hot! Hot! Why has prey hurt me?" He sneered.

"Why are you trying to eat me?" She cried, the pain in her shoulder making itself more and more clear.

"Me so hungry! And you so tasty! Me eat more!" He sneered, then lunged again at her. She forced the energy she had recently found into her hands, and blasted the goblin with all her might. The beast fell, dead. Naomi was left tired, and her shoulder was bleeding more and more. She tried to walk, but felt too weak. She passed out, on the hard soil of the forest road.

"I knew I'd find you like this."

Naomi awoke in a crude tent, a fire blazing outside and hushed voices frantically speaking. The pain in Naomi's shoulder was gone, and she noticed that all that was left was a small scar, nothing noticeable; she was used to them.

"We have to keep moving! The Unseelie patrols watch these roads, they want to find this elf who hunts demons!"

"I know my friend, but we can't, not until Naomi gets well. I've done all I can to speed the process, but she will be too weak to walk the rest of the way to Bermercia."

"Well, we could leave her, come back when we have slain the beast."

"I wouldn't think of it. The Unseelie use the humans as slaves, and she would be found within days. If only we had some way of carrying her."

"We should check on her."

Naomi saw two silhouettes on the tents side, one was tall and lean, the other much smaller and wider. The tent flap opened, and Felix (Who she recognized at once) stepped inside, along with a strange man. He was about half Naomi's size, and had red hair and a red beard. He wore heavy steal plates, and carried an axe. He fit the descriptions of a dwarf from her fantasy books.

"Naomi, are you feeling alright? You took a nasty bite from that goblin. He was plagued." Felix said.

"I. I think I'm all right. How did I get here?" She asked puzzled and still dazed.

"We found you passed out on the road." The dwarflike man said.

"What. wait, I have to get to Bermercia, and soon." She said, coming out of her daze.

"Bermercia. There isn't anything there accept a giant flooded city and water beast. Why would you want to go to Bermercia?" Felix asked.

"Water beast? But the Monitor told me to go to Bermercia to find one of the four spirits." Naomi said, and then suddenly remembered the Yen and Yang sign on his chest. "That Yen and Yang sign. Why do you have it?"

"Yen and Yang? What is.? Do you mean this?" He asked, gesturing towards his mark. Naomi nodded. "I don't know what a Yen and Yang is, but this sign means balance of two forces. I'm not sure, it's some form of birth mark."

"Birthmark. Maybe you're the spirit of balance! Then I've already found you!" Naomi said happily.

"Spirit of balance? What?" The dwarflike man said.

"Oh by the way, Grelis, this is Naomi." Felix said.

"Oh-Oh yeah, I'm Grelis. Nice to meet you and all, but we've got to get goin'. No time for idle chit-chat." Grelis said.

"Your probably right old friend, lets depart." Felix said. After a rushed packing of the camp, they set off, leaving the main road and traveling deep into the forest.

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