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Realm of Lost Souls:

The Sins of the Past

Please! Someone take mercy on me! I am so sorry for what I did! For what I was! Just take me out of this eternal darkness! I don't like the dark and I have been here for so long.

I am lonely...

...and frightened.

Before I came here I was a terrible person or should I say demon. But I am so sorry. You probably wondered what I did so let me tell you my story....

My name is the Mistress of All Worlds and I am called Myst, the Mistress, Princess, and Queen. But who really cares what I am called. I was born of an ancient demon king and a cat demon queen. I never met my father or mother. My father and his race was destroyed by their own creations before I was born and my mother died giving birth to me.

Servants in the palace raised me and I was such a brat since I believed I was the only one that had experienced tragedy.

But I was soon proved wrong. I met another cat demon my age named Dark Mew. She, too, had lost her parents. Together we became the best of friends who did everything together. We stuck to each other like paper and glue until that horrible day. But we're not there yet.

When I was made ruler of all the cat demons, guess whom I appointed chief counselor? Dark Mew, of course! This way we would still get to spend time together but now by this age, we were no longer the naive girls that we were when we were little. We had grown up in a demon race so we became evil. Every drop of blood in our bodies was evil. And under my rule, every nation of demon feared us.

So now we have a summary of how I was, let us start around when the angels started noticing the cat demon race...

"You have not paid your tribute to us, Caris!" a strong voice called out. The voice belonged to the one and only younger me. There I sat on my throne, brown hair array, my brown eyes glaring at the human who did not pay me like I commanded him too.

The human shivered in fear and cried, "I'm sorry, Queen Myst! But we had a dry season and our crops failed so we didn't have anything to sell!"

"You could of sold your women!" I said coldly.

The human looked up bewildered and said, "Surely you don't mean that! We love our women with our hearts and soul! Please take pity on us if you have a heart!" A fireball formed in my hand and I threw it towards the chief of village. He screamed in pain while the flames burnt up his body.

I smiled evilly and said, "I don't have a heart. Anyways, a deal is a deal! You pay me money and you get protection from other demons! But I you don't pay, you die! Oops, it is a little too late to tell you this since you are already dead!" I gave a small chuckle.

"Another one betrayed us, huh?" I turned around and saw my best friend, Dark Mew, standing there with a smile playing on her lips.

I stood up to greet my friend while the tassels on my long, green skirt dragged along the floor and I said, "You're back Mew! I'm glad you are finally here! And the ashes on the floor, don't mind them! Just someone forgot to pay!" Dark Mew grinned and walked over to me and gave me a hug.

"You'll never change, will you?" she asked.

"Not in two thousand years!" I answered never thinking that I would find out that maybe my words would come true.

"Good! You are perfect the way you are!"

"I know!'

Things went like this for the next couple weeks, some human would not be able to pay me and I would destroy them. I'll admit, I quite liked it and I was living off their pain and sorrow. Sometimes, I would kill them fast and sometimes I would do it slow. As long as they suffered.

Little did I know that up in heaven, the angels were noticing my killing spree. I was destroying what they created and what they were supposed to protect and they were getting angry with me. Extremely angry. I can't blame them, though. What I was doing was extremely wrong.

They needed to do something fast and so they began to devise a plan to make me suffer like my victims did and I soon got something I didn't expect...

To Be Continued