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Realm of Lost Souls:

Punishment for the I Have Done

All those humans I killed had families and friends and those people cried to the heavens for the gods have mercy on them.

For along time, it seemed like they were being ignored but their pleas did not go unanswered for the angels were brewing up a plan.

Meanwhile, I was getting ready for my birthday party.

"No! Those go over there! Not here!" I yelled at the slave. The slave bowed his head saying he was sorry before hanging the ornament where I wanted it. Actually, I had wanted it where he was originally going to place it but like I said, I was cruel and I just loved to torment humans.

"They can't doing anything right, can they sweet?" a husky voice whispered into my ear and I felt two strong arms encircle my tiny waist. I whipped around as fast I could to be faced by the great bird demon king, Vega. And let me tell you, Vega was absolutely gorgeous! He could make any girl melt at the sight of him.

He was a tall hawk demon with long brown hair that was pulled into a ponytail, big black eyes that you could get lost in, peach skin, large coffee colored wings, a perfectly muscled body, and these two strange little marks under his eyes that I found absolutely adorable! I'm sure if you're envisioning him right now, you're probably drooling.

But I was the lucky girl who had caught his eye and we had been together for some time. We almost never fought, either.

"Love!" I squealed. "I thought you weren't going to make my party!"

"You know that somehow I'd come through for you!" He told me while spinning me around in a deep hug. I giggled and he landed a kiss on my lips while I dangled in mid-air still in his embrace. I was so happy but then his face turned serious and I knew something was wrong. "But I didn't just come here to celebrate. You're in trouble, sweet, with the angels."

I looked straight into his eyes and asked bewildered, "This is a joke, right? Ha ha?"

"No, sweet. I'm sorry to say it isn't. A couple days ago, an angel came into the underworld. Supposedly, there had been some spies down here and he was coming to tell them some sort of plan. But unfortunately, for him, he met my dove demons, first. He thought they were angels and told them heaven's plan to bring you down. Then, of course, my beautiful dove demons brought him back to me," Vega told me. But before I continue, I better give you a little information because I bet you're wondering, 'Why in the world tell demons heaven's plans?' Dove demons aren't normal demons because they look like angels. It is a mistake anyone could make and they could act like angels, if they were under a kind and caring ruler because dove demons aren't necessarily bad. They are just extremely loyal to their ruler. But that is enough about them. Let's continue.

I took this matter of the angels like a piece of candy not really caring that they might have some master plan! "Pet, don't you worry! It is only a few angels and at my party, there will be the strongest demons including you and me! Nothing can go wrong!" I said calmly snickering a bit.

"But sweet..." Vega started but I put my finger over his lips before he continue.

"Don't worry, pet! Everything will be fine! And since when have you been such a worry wart?" I exclaimed.

Vega gave me a huge grin before replying, "I am not sure what came through me? I was just worried but you are right! Everything will go just perfectly! So what are we waiting for?"

I looked at him confused and uttered, "Huh?"

"Come on! You know what I mean! Lets work on your birthday celebration!"

My party crept closer and closer but neither Dark Mew, Vega, or me worried about the threat of angels. We thought we were unstoppable and the angels were just a bunch of wimps with no brains at all!

But you will see that we were probably the ones with no brains.

The day of my birthday bash finally came! This was expected to be the happiest day of my life but you all know, it wasn't going to be.

Nothing really exciting happened during the day. The action didn't start until nightfall.

Everybody I had invited was sitting around my humongous banquet table with Dark Mew and me sitting at one end of the table and Vega at the other. We were the only three who knew that the angels were coming.

It was about ten at night and I was one of the few who sober. Then I heard it.

Wings flapping. I didn't see anything but sensitive ears picked up the sound of their wings. They had come to crash my party.

And so I raised my hand as to attack and yelled (not a frantic type of yell), "Darkfire!" A blaze of black fire soared out of my hand into the air above me, and screams were heard. All the demons shut up and knew we were under attack. And one by one, the angels began to put down their invisible shields but let me tell you, that was a mistake for a few of them.

I began to viciously attack as many angels as I could with my fire attacks and I thought I was winning. Boy, I was wrong!

I was demolishing angels when I saw her. Misaki, the leader of the angels. I went to destroy her but she was a step ahead of me. She began chanting, "Magic of seal, magic of darkness I call upon you!" I knew what she was doing.

"No not the dark," I heard myself whisper and I found my blood drained out of my face. But Misaki ignored me and continued, "Make this fiend pay for the sins she has committed, reapers of the dark, take her away! Crystal seal!"

An unbearable pain ripped through my body. I let out a blood- curdling scream and I felt as my soul was ripped out of my body into the jewel. Everything was happening so fast. Too fast.

Before my soul was fully sucked into the jewel I saw everything. The angels put a curse on my dear, Vega, changing him into a hawk. Dark Mew was being defeated by that Misaki, wench, but before Misaki could kill her, she morphed into a cat and somehow managed to get the jewel I was in. Luckily, she escaped but the jewel I was taken from her.

I saw that whoever had it was flying and I thought it was an angel before I noticed there was talons. It was Vega. And all I thought while I was being completely sucked into that jewel was that there was some hope of me being saved someday.

And so, that is how I got in here. In this world of eternal darkness. I know I could probably just make a magical fire but there is these things here that I haven't told you about. They are called soul reapers and I already have a few curses from them but I am totally terrified of them. And it seems, they can sense power so whenever I use magic, they will come rushing to me to torture my poor soul even more. My only hope is for somebody to return my poor soul into my body. Maybe that will happen because I think I see a light somewhere in my future...

To be continued in the next story, "Realm of Lost Souls: That Pain of the Past."