By:Andrew Troy Keller

We had flown to Greece
For Spring Break--just me and Denise.
As soon as we've landed,we took a bus
To the legendary Mount Olympus,
Where we've gotten a view of all of Greece.

Afterwards,we saw the temple of a man
Who was known as Pan.
I had entered the temple,Denise
Was supposed to follow.But instead,Denise
Had followed the flute music of a man,
Who had bared a striking resemlance to Pan.

When she had reached the man,
She was shocked to see that it was Pan.
But before she started screaming,
She had gotten the strangest feeling
Whenever she hears the music of Pan.

She had removed her clothes from her bare
Body and began touching--without care--
Each and every part of her body.
And then,she moved her nude body
Up to Pan and allowed him to touch her without care.

And then,when he saw her beauty,
He had came to see
Her as his newfound bride,
Who had finally came to ride
This fine beasty.

As soon he had placed his stiff cock
into her pussy,he started to rock
Back and forth,while the music played.
But as the music had stopped,the spell went away--
And she had discovered that he was no dumb jock.

She had tried to get away
From Pan,but he was way
Too strong.When she saw me
Coming out of the temple,she yelled,"JENNY!!"

But as soon as I had turned to Pan and his mate,
It was indeed too late,
For he had disappeared and took
My friend,Denise McCrook
Into an age of late.

I was supposed to return to
Farnsworth Boarding School
And work on a text-book set.
But instead,I've got a new pet
Project--to find that fool
From Greek mythology and rescue
My friend.So says Jenny LeGrue.