What do I have to say about this poem that I haven't already said about my other poems? I used too many 'look's and 'see's...it sounds weird. Enjoy, and feel free as the wind (obligatory bad poetic ruse) to leave a review, however abbreviated! ~EG

One-Way Mirror

I am Creativity's ugly twin -
distasteful burdens seek me out
like the stars seek death.

She looks at me in wonder
as if forced to see
her siberia, her nadir.
And I agree, but in vain,
that minnowing thought
perching itself on the tip of my tongue.

He sees me as an artifact
to dust off and collect,
put behind a glass case,
and exposed to the air nevermore.
Mellifluous abandon
seeps through the cracks.

Winked at by demons,
pretense gasps easily:
without any sign of shame.

No disinfectant is ever needed -
I have the loyal maiden and soldier
to bolster my economy
and curb my levity,
anesthesize the masses
and apply the placebos.

Remember Icarus
when he fell so ungracefully?
She withdrew and he laughed,
paradoxes stemming
from grief, inconvenience,
and the nagging casualty, sui juris.

I flank both giants
and reap the secondhand spotlight
that should have been mine.

I just decided that I'm going to start rhyming again. The game lasts longer that way. Please review!