"Learning"- Lance Stone.

I never knew that a smile could do so much
until I caught sight of yours.
I never realized how patient I was
until I spent an entire night just watching you sleep.
I never knew how much I loved you,
until I realized it was over.
I never knew I could miss someone this badly,
until it hurt this much to see you go.
I never saw the beauty of storm coulds,
until I prayed the rain wouldn't spoil our fun.
I never noticed how great a day could be,
until I spent one with you.
I didn't know love could hurt so badly,
until I no longer had yours.
I never once thought it could end like this,
until you proved that it could.
I never thought I'd ever fall in love,
until I fell in love with you.

Through the wind and the rain,
the storms and the sunshine,
you've taught me so very much.
And I'll always be grateful,
for the love that you gave
and the softness of your touch.

Thank you.

Copyright 2002, Lance Inc. All rights express or implied stricly reserved.

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