Act 8: Chapter 1:

It was a long flight for two people who had never flown in their life. Mia could tell Dante was uneasy, by the way he fidgeted in his seat. Mia reassured Dante that everything would be fine, but she could tell that his mind was still on what happened at the church. She sighed. She wasn't sure how she was going to convince her brother that everything would be ok. It was a long, twelve hour flight, not counting the transfers and stopovers, before the twins landed at their desired destination. Mia was impressed with how beautiful the sky looked, and all the beaches that she saw from the plane window on their decent. Dante was just glad to be on the ground. "Hey, we got anymore money left?" He asked Mia, who looked in her pocket. "Enough to get to where we're going I'm assuming." She said, and shrugged. "Well, lets go then." Dante said.

It was another half an hour drive until Mia and Dante arrived at a house on the beachfront. The two looked at each other, and was a bit surprised to find that the address they were given was to a house almost in the middle of nowhere. There was one other house next to the one they were standing in front of, and Dante figured that it was the only neighbors around for a mile or so. "Well. Let's go." Mia said, and walked down the driveway. "Hey wait. Are we sure about this? I've got a strange feeling." Dante said, and Mia shrugged. "We're already here right? We might as well find out who lives here." She said, and her brother sighed. He told himself to be ready just in case. Mia walked up to the front door, and knocked, a little bit nervous on who might answer. "Wonder if anyone's home?" She asked Dante, before the door opened. There, in the doorway, stood a little girl, probably about five or six, staring up at the two.

Dante had to wonder about the parents of the girl, since she had long, light green hair. As he stared at the little pigtailed girl, Mia knelt down on one knee, so she was at least eye level with her. "Hello. Is your mommy or daddy home?" Mia asked, and the young girl darted off. "I think you scared her." Dante told Mia, who glared back at him. "Ashura! Quit pushing!" They heard from inside, and watched as the little girl returned, pushing a auburn haired girl towards the door. "Ashura! Stop pushing!" She said, before noticing Dante and Mia. "Oh! Um hello." She said, and walked towards the door. "I didn't realize that we had company." She said, and looked down at the little girl, who smiled. "Um, can I help you?" She asked, and Mia handed her the note from the strange man. "We were told to come here." She said, and the girl stepped aside. "Um, come in why don't you?" She asked.

"I'm Ashlie." The girl said, and put a hand on the little girl's head. "This is Ashura. Sorry. She doesn't talk much." She said, two more young women came out of the kitchen. "Visitors?" The blonde girl asked, as she and a raven haired girl walked over. "I'm Kassie." The blonde girl said, and held out her hand. "This is Desiree." She said, and motioned towards the other girl in the room. "Yo." Desiree just said. "Well, I'm Mia, and this is my brother, Dante. Um, how do we explain this?" Mia said, and turned towards Dante, who shrugged a little. "From the beginning?" Kassie suggested, and motioned for the two to sit down.

The three girls listened, as Mia explained what happened at the Maxwell Church. After the story was done, Desiree went on to explain to Dante and Mia about how her and her brother's situation was almost similar. "Oh wait. I remember that now. They said you had died though." Mia said, and wondered why Dante was so silent. "Yeah well. Contrary to the belief." Desiree said, and suddenly stood up. "Excuse me for a minute will you?" She said. "Where's she going?" Dante said, and Ashlie tried to hold back a laugh. "Probably to wake Daniel up." She said. "He has a habit of taking naps out on the porch." Kassie explained, then looked over at Ashura, who was busy on the floor drawing something on a large sketch pad with crayons all around her.

"Outside?" Dante asked, and stood up. He all of the sudden was curious why someone was sleeping outside during the middle of the day. Stepping outside, he saw Desiree near the end of the porch, pushing her foot into someone's chest. "Hey. Wake up. We've got company." She said, and all she got in return was something mumbled. "Daniel! Wake up!" Desiree yelled out, but again got nothing but a mumble. "You asked for it." Desiree said, and suddenly did a elbow drop on her brother's chest. Dante swore that he and Mia would never be that violent. Sitting up suddenly, Daniel growled at his sister. "What the hell was that for?!?" He yelled out. "I told you! We've got company!" Desiree yelled back. "You two always like that?" Dante just had to ask. Daniel pushed away from Desiree, and stood up. He stood there, staring at Dante for a bit, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

Dante wondered what Daniel's problem was. "Nice hair." Daniel finally said, and Dante figured he was talking about his braid. "I could say the same." He said, and wondered what was up with the purple hair. "Now that we're all acquainted, lets have some lunch." Desiree said, and stood up. After Desiree stepped inside, Dante turned to Daniel, who was in the middle of a yawn. "Is that normal?" He asked, and Daniel nodded. Dante was surprised, and walked back inside, while Daniel on the other hand, paused for a second. "What's going on?" Daniel heard, and turned around. Behind him, was his neighbor Akira, wringing whatever ocean that was left over from her morning surf out of her long hair. "Visitors." Daniel simply said. "The good kind, or the bad kind?" Akira asked, but Daniel shrugged. "Not sure." He said.

Over lunch, Dante, Mia and the others exchanged stories about what was going on with them. Mia was still surprised that Daniel and Desiree, along with Ashlie was the three teenagers that were in the news a couple of months ago, and wondered why they never stepped forward to announce that they were still alive. "It's strange that we would all meet like this." Ashlie said, and Mia nodded. Dante on the other hand, ate, but wondered why Ashura kept on staring at him. "Don't worry. She's like that with everyone new." Daniel told him, and Dante nodded. "I see." He said. "Hey! Anyone home?" They heard, and watched as Ashura darted out of the room to the rear sliding door. "It's probably Tanner. He had football practice this morning." Akira said, and sure enough, into the kitchen, walked in a tall, dark haired man. Again, someone else that had colored hair, even though his was only highlights.

"You guys must really love hair coloring." Dante said, and Daniel choked a bit. "Dante!" Mia said in a whisper. "It's fine. Don't worry about it." Daniel said, after clearing his throat. "I think that only Tanner, Akira and myself have bothered to touch hair coloring. The munchkin's is natural. Sort of." Daniel said. "What do you mean?" Mia asked, and Daniel looked at Ashura, who smiled back. "Go on and show them kiddo." He said. Ashura continued to smile, and shook her head, her hair instantly changing from green, to blonde, to black, then back to green, before she stopped. "I think she's dizzy." Ashlie said, and Daniel patted Ashura's head.

Both Dante and Mia were in shock. They couldn't understand what exactly was going on, and both of them were trying hard to understand. "Too much?" Daniel asked, before Desiree slapped him in the back of his head. Daniel grumbled a bit, before feeling something hop onto his leg. On the table, hopped what could only be described as a cat of some sorts. Everyone stayed silent for a bit, as the cat watched Mia and Dante. "I see. So I was correct." It said. "That cat talked." Mia said, and Desiree laughed nervously. "This is Cleopatra. We call him Cleo." She said, as Cleo walked across the table, and sat in front of Dante and Mia. "I've been expecting you." He said. "Expecting? Us?" Dante asked, and Cleo nodded. "Yes. Now that your here. Let me explain about the Angels Thesis. And the part that all of you hold in it's story." Cleo said, which surprised everyone.