Letter to a Friend.
Someone who reminds me of myself so much that it scares me...

I see it, my friend...
Every moment of your pain, I see it.
I see all the hurting, and I just want to make it go away.
I see all your self-doubt, all your confusion. I know, because I feel it too. We are so alike. Do you realise that? I know you won't admit your pain...you never talk about it, never open up.
And He sees it too, He feels it too. He knows more than me, I can only sympathise, but He can take it all away. If you'd only let Him. If you'd only see what I can see each time I look at you...
It's more than friendly knowing, it's something else, it reaches right in, touches deep inside my soul- it touches yours too, although you try not to let it.
I want you to find Him. I want you to feel all the joy I felt when I found Him. It wasn't always an easy ride, but I know you are strong enough to get there...you just need to believe you are, you need to see yourself as I see you.
You act as though you are empty. But you're not. I know you're not...He knows you're not. But to everyone else, you seem robotic, not real, someone with no feelings.
I sense your loneliness, I can see how isolated you feel.
All I can say is this. I love you so much my friend, I really do. I am always here for you, and He is too.
If you can't accept that He is, then please, just believe that I am.
I need your friendship, I love you just as you are.
You can always be sure of that.
All my love and prayers go out to you...