Hurt Like Me

Why did you hurt me?
I feel so stained,
Why did you use me?
I'm dirty, ashamed.

I remember your hands,
And that look in your eyes,
I tried to stop it,
You ignored my cries.

I'm half-complete,
You took part of my soul;
Filled it with darkness,
Took my eyes from the goal.

The pain reaches deep,
And it's just down to you;
I'd never have let you,
If only I knew!

I'm seeking forgiveness,
But I can't let go,
The guilt is too much;
The healing too slow.

I just want to hurt you,
Like you did to me.
Just feel my pain,
And then you might see.

I've got nothing left,
To call my own,
I'm wandering lost,
I'm scared and alone.

I just want you to hurt like I do!