Dear God,
I thought you were never going to leave told me that you loved me, that you were never going to leave me...but where are you? Lord, I just can't find you anymore, wherever I look, whoever I turn to.
When I asked you into my life I thought that would be it. I thought I would be guaranteed eternal happiness from then on. But I was wrong.
For two months, I was floating on a cloud, elated, overjoyed. But then I realised that my problems hadn't even gone away, they were still there, still lurking there, waiting for me to notice them.
And then... you disappeared. You just left me, even though you said you wouldn't.
Am I not good enough to be your child? I still love you with all my heart Jesus, things shouldn't have stood in the way. I shouldn't have LET them stand in the way.
I just want you back. Now that I have nothing, I realise that you are everything.
Love from.....your child?

My precious daughter,
You ARE still my child, and I DO still love you. Nothing will change that.
Just remember, that I died for your sins, so that you need not have to live with the guilt that I know you are still going through.
I am still with you, and deep down inside, you know that.
Just listen! Just look aound you! Whenever you hear a bird sing, I am singing songs of joy over you, my perfect child. And as surely as the sky is always above you, I am always watching down on you.
I feel every second of the pain you are going through, it pierces me like the nails did the day I was put on a cross instead of you.
Although I don't like the things you sometimes do, that doesn't mean that I don't love you anymore, I just wish you would talk to me about these things instead of shutting me out, and thinking I am not really there.
I was never the solution to your problems, however, I want to help you overcome them.
Just think about it, and then, when you are ready, talk to me about it.
And I am always, always here, and I'll never stop loving you.
Your father, best friend, creator...