Prayer to my Creator

Days, weeks, months, years all wasted not knowing you mean nothing to me anymore, for I know that I would rather have one day to be with you, than ten thousand years to live alone.
I no longer fear dying, for in death, you will give me new life, and I will be forever with you. You are my guide through life, and looking back on the years without you, I see my actions, which clearly showed you were always with me… I just didn't know it.
When I was so emotionally drained, that I had no feelings left, not even negative ones, you filled me with something I had never experienced before. You gave me one tiny spark of hope on which to base the rest of my existence. This hope grew, as I gradually came to know you and trust you, and it developed into a great faith for you, and everything you've taught me.
I love you so much now, that I find it impossible to think that I ever turned my back on you and denied your existence, like so many others have done before.
Even though sometimes, you seem far away, all I have to do is murmur your name, and you are right by my side, giving me comfort when I need it most. In your name, I have found peace, joy, and more love than I ever knew my heart could contain.
Sometimes I cry. Tears of sadness, frustration, insecurity, fear or anger. But you change those tears to tears of joy. The joy of knowing that you will always come to my rescue- you are an everlasting tower of strength, and nothing in the world is strong enough to overpower you.
When I am alone, I am thinking of you, and when I am busy, you can be sure that my thoughts are with you then too. And being what I am, I can't help but wonder what it was I thought of before my thoughts belonged to you.
There is nowhere I would not follow you, nothing I would not do for you. I would give up my whole life if you would only as.
Looking around at the beautiful planet you have created, I suddenly find myself able to ignore all the poverty, war and pollution, for I know that there must be a reason for you allowing this to happen, and in doing this, I can then concentrate on being thankful for the good thinks you have done for us.
I want to worship and praise you all day long, and yet I feel that this still would not repay you enough for all the breathtaking things you have done for me.
Sometimes I feel jealous, jealous that there are thousands more people you love just as much as me. But I know that my jealousy is wrong, because you don't have favourites- you love each one of us more than words can describe.
When I am I distress I shout "Why won't you answer me?" but I know that you will always guide me to the right solution. Maybe you are like the sea, for just as the sea never dries up, your love never ends.
If I could look at things through your eyes, I know what I would see. I would see everything. Everything that's ever happened, and everything that is ever going to happen.
When my life comes tumbling down around me, you lift me high above the remains and help me to start again.
Many times, I have believed I was in love, but I never knew love until you showed me what it really is. Your kind of love is the only real kind…
There is nothing that does not praise you. Those things that cannot talk show their love for you in other ways. The soft wind shyly whispers it's praise as it blows through the fields of waving poppies. The poppies all bow their nodding heads before you. The string waves, unafraid of declaring their love, crash powerfully into the rocks and yell out to you. The stars all twinkle with happiness for what you have done for them. And the silent moon rests in the sky, for it does not need words to say that it loves you.
But all that I can do to say thanks, is sing to you, pray to you, and then listen to what you have to say to me.
How could I have lived without you? Through my happy times, you danced beside me, and when I felt low, you carried me until I felt strong enough to resume my place by your side.
I am holding so much joy in my heart, that I feel I cannot love any more, but every day, my love for you grows.
I often think about the times when I felt so unhappy and I'd wonder where you were, why you were not with me. I realise now that you could have been, if only I had opened up and let you in.
I was so ashamed of my past that I only wanted you to know all the good things about me, but nobody can keep secrets from you. And you don't worry about our sins. To you, each one of us is perfect, and the good that we do makes the bad unimportant to you. So you then forgive us, and help us to forgive ourselves, if only it were that easy.
And each time my life falls apart, I feel your presence around me, as you slowly build me back up, like a jigsaw. And when you have done this, you remove two pieces. The first piece represents my sin. You throw this away. The second piece you keep, for rightly it belongs to you. It is my heart.
I wish that I had known you right from the start, but now is as good a time as any to say yes to you and let you in. I surrender my soul to you, my Lord, my love, my all!
All the bad things that anyone has ever said or done to me don't matter any more. All that I want to do is kneel before you, and worship you forever.
When it was time for me to decide which direction I really wanted to go, I was stuck. All the previous problems I had encountered caused me to feel that maybe you didn't exist at all. As a reply to this, you reached right to the bottom of my soul, and touched me. Nothing in the world could top that feeling. I chose your path.
When you had touched me, I just couldn't control the happiness I now felt. I had to yell "He's the one! Accept him now! He's great!" I never want to hurt you, and I promise I won't let you down. I want to stay close to you. You are my father, and my friend, the greatest friend I could ever hope for.
Each mountain you have built, ocean you have dug, and rainbow you have painted across the sky, all show just how much you really care for us.
As the sun rises and sets, with each day that comes, it makes us take life for granted. But it is not the sun which gives everything life and energy. It's you. And even in the darkness, your eternal light burns on.