Her Warmth

She shines like an eternal light,
Stinging my eyes, beautiful, ardently so bright.
She has stolen my heart, thickly captivated,
Her affectionate ways make me feel elated.

The words escaping her lips, I am smitten,
A bond that grows rapidly, continuing to tighten.
A woman who is my inclination, everlasting amatory,
She is the one who brings me true happiness, glory.

The one who I can define as my soul mate,
She will arrive to me, I will await.
Forever I'd wait for the first embrace,
To see her ambient blue eyes, feel grace.

Her lovingly, tenderheart I adore,
Reaching new grounds together, obstacles to explore.
She expresses true cordinal, it reflects.
Intesenly through passing days, me she affects.

Her beauty flows everywhere, I am stargazed,
She is optimistic, I am truly amazed.
My feelings for her are only intent,
To me, she is my angel, heaven sent.