The Uncertainty-Mill

Water rushes down the stream
upon it floats a silver-beam
splashing against the wheel
mindforce is making it reel

A millstone is turning round
milling every syllable found
turning many thoughts into sound
making ringing words paper-bound

A million vowels float like dust
millionfold in the air
sticking together forever or just
fly here and over there

Water rushes up the stream
under it dives a gold-beam
wheeling against the splash
reeling breaks mind to ash

Round a millstone is turning
found a million gears burning
ringing every syllable bound
making paper turn into sound

A fly, here and all over there
millionfold in the floating air
dust sticking together forever
or just vowels pushing a lever

Chuckle chuckle crack
uncertainty is a heck
breaking my poor neck
making my hands smack

A million heads floating like dust
millionfold in the air
chuckling together forever or just
hurt here and over there