Drowing in you, divine, living so pure,
Want to feel your lips like a sea,
Anticipating for the passionate times we will endure,
For I love you Kerri.

Longing for the days that our dreams become real,
Your heart I will protect,
Locked up in my soul, and will be sealed,
I see your beauty, and in the wind it reflects.

I will carve your name in a sacred cross,
You are the only one I love,
Praying that you will never be a loss,
Soar to me like a gentle dove.

Your optimism makes my pain retreat,
You give me the joy to make me feel elated,
Darling you continue to make me feel the passion and heat,
With you I am constantly infactuated.

Even to touch you I would wait eternity,
I will not run far away,
You are my soulmate, the one for me,
With you, I am here to stay.