The Dream

She felt so lonely and needed someone so much just to be with, and share things with, and didn't understand the reasons people didn't like her for being herself.sometimes it just got too much and she wanted to cry in misery.

One night it was so bad, and she felt so restless that she sat up half the night just sitting at her window watching the stars and wishing that someone was there with her to share the beauty of them.she always saw things alone and felt sad that no one was there to rejoice with her. Tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes and she once again wept silently for her missing other half.

Strange, usually after mourning her loneliness she had an abundance of restless energy and she couldn't sleep, but this time, as the last tear trickled down her cheek she fell into a deep sleep, and dreamed. She dreamed of the things that she normally did, that she enjoyed, but this time she turned around to see her soul mate standing there laughing in pleasure at the shared experience. However she couldn't see his face.even when she looked directly at it she couldn't make it out. She took him by the hand as the rain started to fall, and they danced and danced and danced in the rain, laughing.

They walked for miles in the forest and by the sea and over moors, taking in the beauty of everything together. Though still she couldn't see his face. Eventually they reached a door and as they stepped inside it was her room, and he took in the personality displayed in the objects and the way they were arranged and he saw her in a new depth. All through the night they carried on dancing and laughing with each other. Though she never saw his face.

The morning sun shined brightly in her face and the dream faded as she woke up, still hearing the echoes of his laugh dying in her mind. She smiled to herself.

That day at school she hugged the dream to herself and though she didn't notice people turned to look at her, something strange seemed to have happened to her.she seemed to glow.


Daniel happened to glance up from the book he was reading and his eyes fell on the girl who was sitting alone on the grass gazing at a flower as if it was the most beautiful thing created. Suddenly the thought came from nowhere that he would love for her eyes to gaze at him like that.some force gave him the confidence to stand up and walk over to her.


A shadow fell across the girl causing her to look up - to see a boy, about her age, standing there.alone. There was something vaguely familiar about his face though she could have sworn she'd never seen him before. She stood up, forgetting the flower, and looked at him in a quizzical way.she was sure she had seen that face somewhere before.He spoke. "hi," he said shyly, "my name is Daniel" She smiled and introduced herself, and they sat down and talked.

She forgot the dream, but the reality was much better in the end.