Dark lord and dragon

There were no stars in the night and no sun in the day, for the sky was covered with the darkness of Xatan. There was no way to see if it was night or day, yet Jaro felt sleepy all the same. The camp had erupted with chaos as soon as the darkness came, and every one had run for their lives, for with the darkness came fear. That meant that they were alone. At the moment Cart was cooking dinner (or whatever it was) and Alaya was practising magic. Jaro himself was leaning against a rock and was listening fore intruders, ears sharp and eyelids heavy, but he did not see or hear any intruders. He sensed them. He jumped to his feet and drew his sword. Cart dropped the spoon he was holding, and Alaya's magic died out. The sword blazed, illuminating the darkness, and they could see who it was. It was a woman, who at first glance seemed to be normal, but Jaro sensed that she was in fact an Avatar. "Who are you?" he snapped, making his sword glow brighter. Avatars can sense power, just like Jaro could see she was an Avatar. The sheer power that came from the sword should have scared her, but it did not and Jaro would like to know why she wasn't, and why he couldn't see how powerful she was. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mystra, an Avatar as you probably sensed. Since the Guardians are not around, I am here to explain things to you". Jaro looked at her, but put away his sword. The fire inside it had lessened when she said her name, and since Avatars cant make deals with demons or such creatures, he would listen. She sat down gracefully. "It is written in The Book of Cheese that the dark lord would rise again, yet many choose to overlook this, and explain it as something else. The Book of Cheese is seldom very clear, and things can easily be misread. However, I did not. I was alive when he first came, I was there when he was imprisoned, and I have studied how he can be destroyed. First of all: do you know how demons first entered our world?" They shook their heads, and Mystra continued, "Once upon a time, there were dragons in our world, the kings were good and the Avatars powerful demi- Gods. The dragons were the most powerful creatures in the world, and they were ruled by a mighty creature called Elementar." Jaro felt the sword sing inside his head. " He was a dragon, but with the eyes of a basilisk and the voice of a phoenix. Magic ran freely, and everyone tapped its power, be they good or bad. At the time there was a group of mages who called themselves "The Brotherhood of Blood". The brotherhood consisted mostly of people we call Blood mages, the most disgusting mages in the world, but there was also four elemental mages. Elemental mages tap themselves into the power of the elements. These powers are great seas of magic, all the magic needed to create and uphold such a large world. They lead the powers through themselves, but can only lead a drop in the sea of these powers. The brotherhood wanted more, and to our horror made four staffs, one for each element, that would allow them to tap amazing amounts of power. The four powerful mages met in a secret cave, the same cave that now contains the Hellgate. There they continued their folly, they used the staffs to draw so much power into themselves that they lost control of the streams of power. The world could survive this, but not what happened next. In a desperate attempt to neutralise the forces, they put the tips of the staffs together, in the hope that they would cancel each other out. But the waste amount of power was too much, and reality ripped like the heel of a sock. A gateway was opened, a gateway to Hell. The demons saw that this world was rich, and the dark lord brought his demons. With the dark lord free it is not safe to say his name, lest he hears, but I can tell you it is horrible. There was no Hellgate to stop them, no Guardians to fight them, and against the dark lord they would be as much use as a fish in the desert. In the end Elementar himself destroyed the dark lords' powers. Elementar looked him in the eye, clawed at his side and blew fire down his throat. The great dragon was never seen after that. Death himself said the spell that would imprison him, and the dark lord was turned into a mountain." "Hold on" said Cart, "if this Elementar was so great, why couldn't he just kill the demon" Mystra shock her head "because Demons never die! When they are destroyed, their powers disappear, but the essence of them remains, either trapped inside something, or floating about, looking for powers to resurrect themselves. They never actually die. But if the dark lord is destroyed again, Death will be able to imprison him in the netherworld, where he will find no power. That is why he must be destroyed. If he is not, Hell will literally come to earth." She looked at Jaro. "Can you do it?" She asked. Jaro stood up, with the sword singing in his head. He looked up at the dark sky for a moment, and then answered, very quietly. "No."

For the first time Mystra showed any feelings. Fear, shock and despair flashed across her face, and her mouth dropped open. "Why" she whispered. Jaro looked at her. "Simply because I can not approach the Dark Ones lair unnoticed. If I walk he would sense me, and the mountain he was trapped in stops me from appearing there by cutting a hole in reality. I need Cart and Alaya to make that hole" She managed to compose herself. "Why" she asked. "Because there are some places only mortals may go, and if they use my sword they should be able to do it". "The dark lord will kill them," Mystra said, but Jaro shook his head. "The Dark One is free, but he is weak yet, it will take time for him to regain his powers. He is halfway done, I think he needs three more days too recharge. I can protect them". Mystra turned to Cart and Alaya, who looked quite pale. "It all rests on you now" she said. Do you accept?" They nodded, and Jaro handed them his sword.

Cart was nervous, and he could see that Alaya was as well. They had never touched Jaro's sword before, and now they were supposed to use it. They both grasped the sword, and immediately felt the song swell up in them, the song from the sword. Elementar's voice. Cart could understand why Jaro sometimes looked like he was daydreaming if he was listening to this. They did not know what to do, but the sword did, and without thinking about it, they brought the sword down hard on the ground. There was a blinding light and the sound of 5827 cats and a kitten sneezing at the same time, and they were in a great cave. A cave filled with demons.

All the demons that had escaped had come to their master, and most of them were in this cave. The dark lord himself possessed the man that had released him, and now he stood up from his throne. The sword was back in Jaro's hand, and he looked at his enemy. The Dark lord looked at him as he was some sort of insect. He raised his hands to kill them, but Jaro was quicker. He pointed his sword at the creatures, and lightning crackled. It hit the Dark Lord in the chest, and before anyone could move, burnt him to ashes. But it would be foolish to think that was it. The ashes rose, like a ghost in the air, and he felt fear, for the ghost knew who he had before him. The dark ashes screamed a word in a language so dark that the stone cracked, and the demons were drawn towards him. Literally. They howled in fear as they were pulled towards their master, clawing at the floor. When they reached the Dark One, they melted, and the pure evil they were made of flowed into the dark lord. Jaro cast a net of light over Cart and Alaya. Then he turned to the dark lord in time to see the last demon being sucked into the dark one's chest. All the substance he had managed to draw from his minions he had formed into the shape of a shadow dragon. Before Jaro could do anything, the beast opened its mouth and the fires of Hell were thrown towards Jaro. The stone floor seemed to explode as the black flames hit it, engulfing Jaro. But then a sword of light appeared in the inferno, and Jaro jumped up and sliced at the dragon's throat, and only his cloth were slightly singed. The beast writhed in pain, and its body seemed to melt into a puddle. Before Jaro could move towards it, a giant serpent erupted from it. The night coloured scales glinted with dark light, and the fangs dripped with venom. When the venom hit the floor, it hissed. It was a basilisk. Everything you can do, I can match. The voice rang through the hall, and Jaro felt as if his heart had been ripped out and dropped in acid. The basilisk set its eyes in Jaro, and for one moment he could feel his soul draining away like water on a hot stove. Then he pulled himself together, and returned the gaze. The serpent head snapped back with a howl, and he turned into mist. "No, you can only copy," said Jaro. The mist took solid form, and it became a creature from the depths of time, a creature belonging in the world the demons came from. It was so hideous, so evil, that it would burn your eyes out. But Jaro leapt at it, and pierced the creature's belly. It howled in pain, and seemed to grow. Light started too leak from every opening in its body, and then it became too much. The power of the sword filled it, and it exploded. The dark lord felt his power disappear like mist in the morning, until only his essence remained, like all demons. Then he felt time slow down, and saw a hooded figure stand beside him. He knew it wasn't help. Death unfolded his scythe. "Your going to the netherworld, fiend" Death swung his scythe at the demon, there was a screech that made the wall collapse so that the ceiling fell upon them, a burst of power. And then it was over.

Where there had once been a mountain, only small boulders remained. Cart and Alaya was busy trying to get out of the net Jaro had cast upon them to protect them from the battle. The Horned Guardian looked at them for a moment, and then swung his axe, cutting a hole for them. The golden Guardian helped them out. "Thanks" said Alaya "what are you doing here?" The horned Guardian looked at her. "Most of the demons had already escaped and were in this hall. When Xatan was destroyed, we were able to restore the Hellgate, and can take some time off. Most of the demons died with Xatan." "I thought demons never die," said Cart, rubbing his arm. "They don't" said the Golden Guardian "Until now, that is". A thought seemed to hit Alaya. "Where's Jaro?" she asked. The two Guardians looked at each other, and then pointed over a small heap of rocks. Several dragonlike creatures flew up. They were small, with grey scales and large mouths. They flew rather unsteadily. "To use dragon magic has a price. Those things are called leechers, and whenever a mortal has used the magic a certain number of times, they come to take the price: the mortal's life" The Horned Guardian put his arm on her shoulder. "Elemetar wanted peace, to sleep the sleep of death. Most likely he has gone to the Dragon's Graveyard, and Jaro had to pay the price." "No" whispered Alaya, and wrenched her arm away from the Guardian, no small feat. She ran to the other said of the heap. Cart was quick to follow. "I noticed how unsteadily the Leechers flew." Commented the Golden Guardian. The Horned Guardian looked at him. "Are you telling me that they found his soul intoxicating?!" he asked in disbelief. "Nothing would surprise me when it comes to Jaro." There was a scream of happiness from behind the heap. "That, on the other hand, is puzzling" the Golden One replied. Surely they weren't happy that he was dead? They went over to have a look. Jaro's body lay stretched out on the ground, surrounded by what appeared to be pieces of Leechers: wing parts, tails, snouts. The sword hovered over Jaro's body, and was humming smugly to itself. Alaya was by his head, fussing over a small wound. Jaro was unconscious, but alive. The Golden Guardian stepped forward to Heal Jaro, but the sword's humming rose angrily. The Guardian was quick to step back. Cart sat on a rock nearby, watching Alaya and Jaro. The two Guardians walked away, and cut a hole in reality, into the cave. The Hellgate was there again, as if nothing had happened. They looked back at the three mortals one last time. "I really thought that Elementar would leave them," said the Horned Guardian. "So did I, but perhaps he found something that was precious enough to stay for" said his brother. The Horned Guardian looked confused. "What?" he asked. "A friend. We will meet again, Jaro, we will meet again." Then they stepped back and resumed their duty. The portal closed behind them just before the last of the darkness disappeared, and the light shone upon the land. The light of dawn.

The End

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