"Piece of crap!" Mrs. Lee yelled as her car slowly drove out of the parking lot. Mrs. Lee was picking up Amy (her daughter) from day care, but she was about 30 minutes late. Driving away from traffic she finally came to a stop. She looked around the playground to see where her daughter was. She was at the swings playing with another brown haired girl. She blinked then she was gone.

Noticing that her mom finally came, Amy smiled and waved. "Mommy, mommy look what Rebecca gave me!" yelled out a little five year old girl running towards her.

"Who's Rebecca?" Mrs. Lee said. In Amy's hand was a silver locket. On the locket was an engraving. "R.H." Mrs. Lee whispered.

Amy looked back and said, "Where's Rebecca?" Mrs. Lee looked out the window as she saw a little brown haired girl running towards her and then faded away into the cool summer breeze. Even if it was a warm day Mrs. Lee began to turn numb. "Mommy I'm not hot anymore." Amy said turning rather pale.

"Oh, honey get in the car and when we get home you can have some nice cup of cocoa and mommy can get a nice cup of cappuccino. Yep, cappuccino." Cappuccino kept ringing in her head and a smile began to form.

When Mrs. Lee and Amy were driving home the little brown haired girl kept flashing into her head. Finally She came to a stop. She was home sweet home. When She came up to her door she realized there was a piece of paper on the door. It was a note looking like it was scribbled in a hurry.

Come to my house immediately.

We must discuss something.


"This can't be good" she thought to herself as she ran into the house. She quickly made cocoa and dumped three or four marshmallows in the cup. "Now honey, Grandma is sleeping right now so don't be so loud. I need to go next door for a minute, alright?" Mrs. Lee asked sounding impatient.

"K" Amy answered. Mrs. Le ran out to the door. Knocking with her impatient fist.

After a couple hundred knocks the door slightly creaked open by itself. Mrs. Lee's heart began to pound fast. She opened the door and then realized that fear was growing by every thump within her heart. She knew she had no reason to be scared. She took a uneasy breath and slowly walked into the house with discomfiture. The strong smell of lavender filled the air. All of the sudden she heard Mrs. Hawkman's (Helen) voice.

Her faint voice filled the air. "Leave! Go far away! Never come back! Or else you and your daughter are condemned." Mrs. Hawkman hissed. Mrs. Le began to run around the house, looking in every possible place, looking for Mrs. Hawkman.

"Why go? Why leave?" Mrs. Le asked feeling helpless.

"Because...because...Rebecca...Rebecca..Ha-" Mrs. Hawkman didn't finish her sentence.

"Who's Rebecca?" Mrs. Le asked also beginning to feel numb again.

But Mrs. Hawkman kept hissing "Rebecca". A sudden chill went up her spine......

She gasped, "Rebecca !!!???"

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