*~* The Mirror *~*

Chapter 1:

It was a beautiful day. The sun was smiling happily down on the green park where children were playing ball. There was a light breeze that set off the best first day of summer ever and me?... don't ask. I was watching this scene through a thick window from a stuffy classroom. Did I want to be learning the Riddles of 'Rithmatic? No!!! Pooh to my parents who thought I would not spend my time wisely throughout my three months of freedom from this... this... nightmare known as school. At least my best friend Lillian was there with me.

"April! It's the principal!" she whispered to me as Mr. Darenesy walked into the room.

"Class," this was barely true. There were five of us, one boy I didn't know, who probably were being forced into this class because of bad grades, a boy named Matt, who was the richest kid in school and was getting his parents to buy him out of this class, Lillian and me. "Mr. Farns has come down with a serious illness and will not be able to teach you fine ladies and gentlemen. I will be taking over his spot," Mr. Darenesy explained. "Anyway, now that we've gotten that out of the way-"

"RING! RING," The phone interrupted. "If you'll excuse me for a bit..."

"Have you found it yet?" an impatient scratchy voice whispered over the phone.

"No, sir. I'm sure it's in the school somewhere. The old oaf had always taken a liking this place. I think the mirror is in an old wing. This high school was built ages ago. There's bound to be a room hidden behind renovations."

"Hurry up. I've given you more than enough time already." Click.

"Goodbye to you also, sir."

I sat stunned. I was closest to the door and... had heard something about a mirror and a hidden room? Lillian, who was sitting in front of me and was always the detective, had begun sprawling in her notebook, already concocting a plan. "Let's find it first," she had said. We are in for some trouble now.

* * * * * * *

Class had been rather uneventful for the rest of the day. Mr. Darenesy, always creative, had actually taken us outside to calculate all sorts of things. Matt had even decided to stay. I had spent the whole time staring at the park scene and no one even noticed.

Now, it was 8 o' clock at night and Lillian had dragged me back to the school. She had come up with another 'ingenious' plan that was more then likely to get us both grounded for a month. As she had explained we were going to study the walls of the older wings to see if there were any places where the rooms ended before the outside wall. These would be 'ideal spots' for old rooms that had been closed up over the years.

What ... fun.

"I think I've found something!" she called over to me. "See here? I never noticed before, but the outside walls around the science lab don't actually compliment the size of the room. And look here! The bricks look new... like their used to be a window! How cool!" she squeaked, too excited to keep her composure. "Let's go inside and check it out."

"I don't know if that's-" I started, but Lillian was already at the door, studying the security around the door.

"Seems safe... Let's go!" and with a few quick movements had it open and was impatiently waiting within the hall.

"How did you-?" another sentenced never finished as I came up to her.

"Practice. Come on the science lab is right here."

Another sequence of quick movements and Lillian was in the lab poking around. I followed her in and we began to study the wall for hollowness and what-not.

I walked over to the supply cabinet, filled to bursting with chemicals, safety glasses and other materials. Opening it, I looked at the back of the closet and noticed it didn't have the same wall as the rest of the room.

"Hey, Lillian! I think I've found it!" I tried to whisper, but everything sounded too loud. What if someone found us?!?

"Start pulling things out! Maybe you can find a hatch."

And I did begin unstacking the science lab's supply cabinet, but not without a few bitter mutterings that seemed to focus around Lillian 'channeling a hyperactive Nancy Drew' and this whole plan being 'a load of -'

But it was at that exact moment, as I tugged at a stubborn beaker rack, that back wall of the cabinet decided to slide away revealing-

"A secret room!" exclaimed Lillian, sporting a triumphant grin, which earned her a few more mutterings about the whereabouts of Bess and George.

"Come on!" she yelled already zipping past me to 'investigate.'

Stepping in to get a better look I was slightly taken aback. The room was full of dust and cobwebbs and smelled suspiciously like my grandmother's musty perfume.

"Is it empty?" I asked.

"Wait I think there's something hanging on this wall." Lillian said.

"It's a mirror!" I gasped.

"What does it do?"

"Well, I don't know! What do you think it does? It shows your face. What did you think it would do; transport us to space or something and start throwing fireballs at us?"

But at that the mirror started to glow and we both felt the room slide away and before we knew it were standing on top of millions of stars.

Then the fireballs started coming.

"What is this!!!!" Lillian screamed, clumsily dodging the flaming balls.

"I want to go back!"

And then the mirror reappeared, glowing again and we were back in the classroom.

"What was that????" we both screamed.