This was just a random poem I wrote one day, just like all my other poems.

Where will I be tomorrow?
Will I wake in your arms?
Or will there be someone else by my side?
Please tell me.

I don't want to keep guessing
each day as it passes by.
Just once, could you take me in your embrace
and hold me until the morning?

Even if you don't love me,
I can't be happy to only watch you from afar.
Just as long as you hold me tight,
in the morning I'll be content.

Tell me what you feel inside,
and I'll listen until eternity.
I'll hold back my tears
until I can cry alone.

But instead of letting me weep,
you take my hand,
hold it tight,
and won't let me be alone.

Together we hold one another,
eachother's body soaking up the tears.
You hold me close,
every thing I ever wanted coming true.

In the morning I awake to feel you beside me,
your arms holding me close.
I said I didn't care if you loved me.... but I do.
You didn't let me cry alone.

I care,
I really do,
but I think you've already confirmed
what I've thought all along.

I want to thank you for crying with me
and for sharing my tears,
for putting your arms around me
and not letting me go until morning

But most of all... I want to thank you... for telling me you loved me.
I care....
I really do...

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