Author's note: Erm...when I made this up, it was supposed to be funny.
I guess it's not. Still, please review...and laugh to humor me, ok?
(ooo...very bad, unintentional pun. ick.)

My english teacher was angered by me
becuse she said:
the passive was used to much in my papers,
my spelling was atrosius,
my grammer was found too be apaling,
and that I confuse my homonims.

I told her:
that, thouh I use it, my spell check doesn't work,
that I make alot of typos,
maybe I'm trying to write a scientiffic paper,
and what's a hominim, anyway?

She threw up her hands,
nocking over her cofee cup in the process,
and told me I insult the english langage.

Well, did she ever think
that maybe
this lovly "english langage" of hers
insults me?