By:Andrew Troy Keller

This is a tale of one of the many journeys that
That a female warrior known as Shebra,the Devil-Cat
Had to undertake in order
To avenge the savage butchering of her
Family at the hands of the evil Zar-Tract.

The particular journey had taken Shebra to
The quiet fishing villiage of Sharcstoo.

She had arrived in Sharcstoo for a meal and a night's rest.
But suddenly,her own valor was about to be put to the test,
For a poor frightened girl was being dragged to the river
By the townspeople,who were about to throw her into the water.
After having seen that,Shebra had decided to forgo the rest.

She had ran to stop the evil deed,but it was too
Late,for they had pushed the poor maiden into the pool.
After the deed has been done,Shebra had dove into the water,
Found the maiden and brought her
Back out of the depths of the black,murky pool.

However,after she had rescued the maiden from a watery grave,
A large serpent had appeared and they all had acted like its slaves--
All of them,expect the Devil-Cat herself,
Who would rather make mad,passionate love to an elf,
Than be one of the serpent's slaves.

And so,just as the serpent was about to feast on her
Flesh and bones,Shebra had fired one of her
Arrows into one of the serpent's eyes--
And thrusted her sword into the creature,just before it dies
Right in front of her.

Suddenly,after they were all freed from the creture's curse,
The people had thanked Shebra for killing the beast before things got worse.
And then,on the very next day,
Shebra,the Devil-Cat had continued on her way,
For she must begin another journey.It is her destiny and her curse.