Placing the last box on the porch, she opened the front door and carried it inside. The whole house smelled wonderful. It was a fresh start. The walls were white and all the floors wooden, except the kitchen where it was tiled. The musty smell could easily be remedied and the light bulbs could be replaced. She took a deep breath and jogged up the stairs to the second floor. She would have to scrub the bathroom, but other then that she was completely satisfied. This was her new home. Smiling, she went to a room at the end of the hall next to her bedroom and opened the door to the only completely unpacked and decorated room in the house.

A small little boy sat in the middle of the room playing with a pile of old building blocks. He smiled up at her.


"Hi, Sweety." She knelt next to him. "Are you playing with blocks?"

His blond head nodded vigorously.

She leaned over and kissed the top of his head before standing up and bringing him and a few blocks with her. "Why don't you come down with Mommy while she tries to unpack?" Grabbing some blocks, she went to the kitchen and placed Sean on the floor with his toys. Just as she began putting her plates away, she heard a crash and looked at the wall that separated her part of the house from the other. Putting away the last dish, she wiped her hands on her jeans and went out the front door to the other door sharing the porch that wrapped around the front of the old house.

She knocked on the door. No one answered and after knocking a few more times to make sure the other tenant was alright, she went back to the business of unpacking. Normally she would have probably hated unpacking, but doing it now seemed so good, so final.

Margot and Sean Anderson were free to start over.

Leaving her home town had been the hardest thing she had ever done, but, to the surprise of even herself, she had actually done it. When her parents died in a car crash when she was very young, she had been sent to an orphanage in the center of the small town, growing up with strict techniques and harsh words. She had been reared as a proper young lady even though all of the town society looked down upon her wilder streak and the fact that she had no family with no hope of making anything of herself. To make things even worse, she had become so happy to get a boyfriend when she was seventeen that she had given herself to him on their second date. There was no need for a third because all that the boy and his friends had planned on doing, they did. She had been made a fool, and when news of her pregnancy circled the town, she was released from the orphanage to fend for herself.

Margot had quickly found a job and saved as much money as she could while living above the store and trying to bring up her child. Two years later she had enough money saved up to buy her way out of the cruel town into a duplex on the outskirts of a town in the next county. It wasn't much, but as Margot looked around now, she was happy. She had gotten the place at a reduced rate because it sat all by itself at the edge of town and no one particularly liked the other tenant.

She really didn't care. All she had needed was to get out of town and find a place to raise her son. When the kitchen was finished, she brought Sean to the living room and sat with him on the floor. She didn't have any furniture except for Seans belongings and an old chair that the landlord had given her when she moved out. She had slept on the floor ever since she left the orphanage, saving all her money to buy a house and to buy Sean all the things he could possibly want.

"Well, Sean, Mommy has to go to the store and get some grocery shopping done. Go get your shoes from the stairs so I can put them on you." She watched as he got to his feet and ran to the stairs, grabbing his shoes and running back to her with them.

"Good job." She leaned over and picked him up, putting him in her lap. He squirmed and giggled as she tickled him, his cherub face becoming scrunched and red, his blue eyes gleaming.

Putting on his shoes, she slipped on her own and grabbed the keys off the kitchen counter. Even though she had nothing of value in the house, she still thought she'd better lock it.

"Okay," she said as she placed him in the stroller and locked the front door behind her, "We're all set to go."

As they headed into town, she noticed all the wonderful Christmas decorations that lit the streets and houses even in the middle of the day. Morgot walked them to a small grocery store and began picking up select items until she noticed something very odd. They were all staring at her.

When she got to the frozen foods aisle a lady finally approached her.

"Did you just move into the white house on the corner?"

Margot nodded. "Yes," she held out her hand, "My name is Margot Anderson and this is my son Sean."

The woman ignored her outstretched hand. "Barb Samson. How could you bring your boy into that house?"

"Excuse me?"

"Jack Grafton lives next to you."

"Oh." Where was this going?"

"He once killed a man."

"I think I had better be going."

"Did you ever wonder why no one has lived in that house in the one year since he's been back? We all know that he was wild in his youth, but murder and ten years in jail can certainly do nothing but add to it."

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