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Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Ignoring everyone and everything around her, Nikki resolutely stood right in front of Yuuka and suddenly gave her a forceful, resounding slap on her cheek that made Yuuka stagger backwards with shock.

Nikki smirked, looking at her palm. "Oh sorry Yuuka-san, did I hurt you? I was aiming for the mosquito on your cheek. Small, but lethal bloodsuckers, y'know…." Her smile turned nasty. "Who would've imagined such an innocent looking thing could turn out to be so… deadly?"

Yuuka paled, the red hand mark becoming more opaque, but she stared up at Nikki's face determinedly. "Nikki-san, you wouldn't believe what I could tell you right now, but please, let me find Shiniko first. We'll explain everything, just let me find him first. He's in danger!"

Nikki's eyes hardened and her lips drawn into a straight thin line. "Who would you be to tell me that?" she answered flatly. "He left you, Yuuka-san. And you have no right at all to come barging into my home like that."

"But he's in danger!"

Nikki laughed harshly and pulled a gun out of one of her henchmen's grasp, before she swiftly shifted and pressed the gun's tip to Yuuka's forehead. "In danger of you. I already know." Her finger stroked the trigger as she pressed the tip harder against Yuuka's forehead. "That's why I'll get rid of you now."

Yuuka squeezed her fists in frustration. She doesn't understand. Shiniko is going to die if I don't get to him soon.

"Face it Nikki-san, you know the person you've been with is not Shiniko all along."

"What did you say bitch?" Nikki's frown deepened.

Yuuka looked defiantly up at her. "You know he's not the Shiniko you know. Those different moods; so unlike Shiniko. You've known him since you were children, Nikki-san. You know what Shiniko's like."

Nikki's face scrunched up in anger as the hand, which was holding the pistol trembled. The flashbacks ran through her mind: Shiniko hugging her, Shiniko kissing her like there was no tomorrow, Shiniko whispering lovely promises to her…. All of which, deep down in her heart, the Shiniko she knew wouldn't have done that to her.

"Shut up bitch!" She screamed. "You're just a lowlife he picked up from the garbage! Don't go all high-and-mighty on me!"

I just want to be loved by the man I loved since we were small. The man I've known and looked up to, all these years. The man who has, in his heart, only one person. Which isn't the garbage who's standing in front of me now. If Shiniko doesn't love me, he should stay with his DEAD love, Junko !!

Yuuka's smile turned up a notch when she noticed the flurry of expressions running through Nikki's face. Now…. Now's the time to bite the bullet.

"You still don't know who I really am, Nikki-san? Even with all your intelligences? I am Junko, Nikki-san. The one and only, Junko."

Nikki almost dropped the gun.

And that gave time to Yuuka to kick the offending weapon from her hand. Just as she heard the clatter as the pistol dropped to the ground and the soft slithering sound, she sensed the fingers on the triggers. In a split second, she dropped to the ground, pulling the stunned Nikki with her even as the bullets started flying.


The last whiplash sailed through the air, before Darioru dropped the whip and bent on a knee to look at the tortured, broken man before him.

Shiniko's blonde hair lay matted against his forehead, stained with the trickle of blood that was steadily dripping down from an open gash. His naked back were crisscrossed with long, crimson wounds. He had his head bowed and his eyes shut. Yuuka…. Will you forgive me? I can't hold on much longer…

"That face of pity…. What would happen if more gashes like these stained its look?" Darioru drawled, tracing a finger delicately along Shiniko's wound. "Didn't Yuuka-san love this face of yours, that looked so much like mine?" His voice had turned sinister. "What if… this face was distorted? She'll turn to me instead." He let out a small laugh as his hand went into his coat.

What's he planning now? Seno-nii chan, please, fight him! I can't do much now.

Darioru pulled out a pistol, a gleaming black pistol and ran his thumb along it lovingly. "I'm the only beautiful one she'll ever turn to." He lifted the gun and aimed directly at Shiniko's head. "Of course…. Granting you death wouldn't appeal to me. She'll just mourn… no, I'll have to present a live vegetable instead. Be happy, Shin-chan."

His finger pressed the trigger.

Shiniko suddenly let out a howl of pain. Blood started seeping out from his black pant leg through a small hole in which the bullet had embedded itself in. Drips of red turned into a small puddle on the harsh white marble floor. His previous wound from a previous gunshot throbbed painfully again.

Shiniko gritted his teeth. Not yet… For Yuuka… not yet.

"Isn't this fun, Shin-chan? Isn't this?" Darioru's voice was spinning out of control now, turning even more high-pitched. His eyes were gleaming as he eyed the bloody puddle. "All the lovely blood… such a pretty picture!" He released another shot.

Shiniko nearly bit on his tongue. This time, the shot hit him on his left arm. There was nothing to stop the impossible pain that was sprouting from his limbs, and he felt himself slowly losing consciousness from the numerous throbbings. He struggled to pull himself out of the dream-like state.

Darioru threw the gun across the room and suddenly bent down, grasping Shiniko's chin and forcing him to look up at him. His hand went into his coat again, this time bringing out a silver, glinting thing. He flipped it open and laughed merrily at the sharp blade.

"I'll make you beautiful, so beautiful no one would ever want to look at you again, Shin-chan…" he purred sliding the blade, the blade held menacingly in front of Shiniko's face.

Shiniko glanced at the blade in horror. And, almost without knowing it, he yelled, "SENO-NII CHAN! Wake up! Please! I beg you… please…"

"Scared?" Darioru asked, pleased. "Don't worry, Darioru-oniichan will take care of you… you're his only otouto, y'know…. –errgh!"

Darioru's whole body shook suddenly; his eyes rolled back and he suddenly stood up, a hand to his head. "Stupid voices… go away!" He suddenly yelled. His body spasmed again, and the penknife clattered to the floor, as he held both hands to his head. "I'll never return this body to you- never!"

For just a moment, his eyes became a sky-blue color again, and he looked determined, but the expression soon faded away and Darioru regained his balance. He snarled with anger, and kicked Shiniko hard.

"Everything will end. You will end too."

He picked up the penknife and swiped his hand up, in a swinging motion, aiming straight for Shiniko's face.

And just then, the bolted wood door behind Darioru flew open.


A black car screeched to a halt in the courtyards. Seki bolted out, followed by Lilli.

"You say you've observed him before, Lilli. Where would he be, at this time? When he has something secret to do." Seki suddenly asked her, a tinge of urgency in his voice.

"Uh…" Lilli grimaced. "I can't remember… no, wait…. There!" She suddenly looked up and pointed at a secluded window, the only window it appeared to be, on the third floor. The highest floor, to be exact. "I've seen him go up the stairs to that floor before… when he gets agitated and things… I mean I've never seen him actually enter the room but, that's the only room so…"

Seki nodded, cutting short her babble as he counted the balconies he could see. It looked fairly easy to scale up… he could go up there… and easily jump from there….

"Lilli, stay here. I'm going to climb up. Don't go in; I should think there's a pretty fight in there now." He smiled softly at her before he swung a leg over the first balcony, pulling himself up.

Lilli suddenly tugged on his shirt, with a pitiful face. "Can't we call for more help? Do you have to go up there by your own? I can't help but feel…. Something bad's going to happen, Seki. I don't want you to go. Or please, take me with you."

Seki bit his lip, before he jumped down to the ground again. He suddenly embraced the girl, pressing himself against her as he whispered into her ear. "Have faith in me; I'm lucky remember? And call me Seki-sempai, small girl." He grinned.

Lilli, at first melting into his surprise hug and feeling very happy, pulled back from him with a snort. "Sempai?! Look who's talk---!"

Seki silenced her, pressing his lips against hers, his hands gripping her shoulders gently. After a moment, he pulled back with a smile. "We'll go on a real date after everything's done." He ruffled the tear-stricken girl on the head, before he pulled himself onto the balcony again. "By the way, I prefer strawberry to vanilla!" He called out teasingly.

"Seki no baka!" Lilli yelled, her face reddening, but her heart was beating happily as she pressed her fingers to her moist lips. Real date… we'll go on a real date finally. I'll wait for you Seki baka…. Don't you dare go back on your promise. I've been waiting forever.

Seki pulled himself up, one balcony after another, feeling strangely light-headed. He reached the lone window, his hands gripping the windowsill as he struggled to pull himself up.

Seno onii chan, matte-iru yo (Wait for me, Seno onii chan)…


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