I Knew a Girl

By Christopher A. Diaz.

I knew a girl

She knew me

From talking

During long periods of studying

The mystery of the Gothic genre.

" Hello. "

" Hello, can I help you? "

" Um, yes. Thank you. "

Is how it would go.

But one day, she looked at me with a strange smile,

And a little nod,

What meaning those gestures had I did not know.

Finally after hours of debate

I decided to take her on a date

She was two years older, and there were shivers on my shoulder

When she said yes to me.

For now I had a chance to learn and to dance

And see her radiant beauty.

Oh, the look of surprise in my dormice's eyes,

When she entered in a dress

That still managed to impress,

Despite the fact it showed her thigh.

The date was fine, the music divine

As we watched the stars in the late hour,

As I looked in her eyes and she in mine,

I wondered if I should yield to the desires

She had stirred in me,

Who was two years younger than she?

The flame in me became too much

I turned her head with a gentle touch

And as the clouds outside faded into mist,

I gave her a loving kiss,

Which seemed amiss

After seeing the look in her eyes.

It was sad and glad

At the moment that had occurred.

I could not fathom the reason

For her fear which I had stirred

Until I looked at her left hand

And saw the gem on a cold, metal band…

I have moved on, with a college diploma,

Hoping I will exposed to the aroma

Of Cupid's arrow once again

But, no matter how politicians end

Or the sun changes in hue

Although I may eventually meet my love true

I will always remember

The date that we had and the girl I knew.