By:Andrew Troy Keller

As long back as I could remember,the Christmas holiday season has always been a joyous occassion for us,while we were living on Lowe Street in the quiet little town of Starbase,Montana.
We would all get together by the fireplace--and the entire family would listen to Grandpa Joe spin a Yuletide tale,or two.
And after he was through with his storytelling,we would gather around the dining room table and wait for my Mom to carry out our holiday turkey.
But then,just as my Dad was about to carve the bird,Grandma Gracie had stood up and said,"And now,everyone.We should all say Grace."
And after we all had nodded our heads in agreement,Dad had sat down and said,"Okay,then.I'll say Grace."
But after we had bowed our heads and closed our eyes,Dad had took a deep breath and said,"Grace.",before picking up the knife and start to carve the turkey.
While he was doing so,Grandma Gracie and Grandpa Joe had looked up towards the ceiling and thought to themselves,*Dear Lord,where did we go wrong?*
Anyway,after we were done with our feasting,it was time for the opening of Christmas gifts.
I was the one who gets to open his presents first.
When I had opened a big one from Grandma Gracie and Grandpa Joe,I was happy to had discovered that they had gotten a puppy for me.
Everybody's very happy--almost.