This is a true story, about me. The tiny event that erased all doubt from my mind and gave me hope.


A Hope Poem

My soul was in turmoil
Doubt choked my mind
Stepping into the future
Fear of what I would find

My feet unsteady
In a labyrinthine world
My God seemed to watch
As rocky paths unfurled

I retreated to the woods
I retreated to prayer
Hoping I could find a way
And the answers there

I cried, my tears fell
To that beautiful earth
But the trees simply stared
The wind held no worth

Still my stubborn soul persisted
Poured out its grief
Continued to plead
Through the trees all in leaf

As I walked the top of a log
With too little care
My weary mind questioned
If God was truly there

Just as in life
Doubt-dark clouding my way
My careless steps wandered
My footing gave way

Not as a desperate effort
As I started to fall
But as a trite afterthought
To God my soul called

There are no words
What I felt, to describe
It was a gentle push
Realignment inside

Do not think it is balance
I've experienced that
It was more like a hand
Gently pulling me back

A hand shining mercy, love, might, power
Reminded me of its presence that hour

Now as I look back on what had occurred I find another message, my Lord's subtle word

In decided for college and finding my call
He says "My child, if I help you in this small thing-why not all?"


Please think about this poem, especially if you do not know God. I would be happy to try to provide answers to anyone who seeks them. Simply email me.