By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Eric Walken,one of the sales clerks at a Waldenbooks inside Tower City.
One Monday in December of 1997,my wife,Kathy and I were driving to a fabulous ski resort in Colorado for our honeymoon.
But after we had turned on to another road and drove for about a few miles,the car had started to sputter for a minute,or two.
And after it had finally stalled on us,we had no choice,but to get out of the car and walk to a nearby service station.
A few more miles later,after it had gotten dark,we had discovered a cabin with its lights on and decided to ask the people who live in it permission for us to spend the night.
But after we had walked up to the cabin,we had knocked on the door--and recieved no answer.
Just then,Kathy had felt around the top of the door frame and found a key that--which we had discovered--unlocks the door.
After we had gotten ourselves out of the cold and into the cabin,we were looking around to see if we're able to find the owner of the cabin.
And much to our shock,we were unable to find anyone in the cabin.
However,we had discovered a crackling fire roaring in the fireplace and agreed to get out of our wet clothes and warm ourselves by the fire.
After we had done so,Kathy and I had looked at each other's bare bodies--and realized that we didn't need to go to the resort after all.
We had slowly moved towards each other,pressed our nude bodies against each other and kissed ever so passionately on the lips.
And then,we had laid down on the floor and began to caress and fondle each other in front of the fire.
And believe me,my friend.
It was more than just mere sex.
It was pure,untamed erotica--and we were enjoying every minute of it.
After an hour of lovemaking,we had suddenly became hungry,because we haven't had dinner yet.
So,while Kathy was still warming herself by the fire,I had gone into the kitchen and discovered it to be well stocked with food.
After I had spent sometime preparing it,I had carried back into the living room a large plate of spaghetti,two pieces of garlic bread and a bottle of red wine.
And right there,in front of a roaring fire,we had shared the meal.
After we had finished our meal,I had placed myself next to Kathy and blew my hot breath on the back of her neck.
And then,I had placed each of my hands on her bare chest and in-between her bare legs.
And while we were making love inside the cabin,the snow was blowing away outside.
The very next morning,we had woke up,looked at each other and smiled.
After we had gotten ourselves up off the floor,we had gone upstairs and walked into the bedroom,where we had found some dry clothes that were just our size.
After we had gotten the clothes on,Kathy and I had gone back downstairs and into the kitchen to cook ourselves some breakfast.
As soon as we were done eating our breakfast,we had decided that it was time to go to that service station.
After we had reached the station,we had told the attendant where we had spent the night.
Suddenly,he had told us that it was impossible,for the cabin--which had belonged to one Jerimiah Bloodworth--had burned to the ground in 1899.
He had told us that Jerimiah was making mad,passionate love to a young daughter of a powerful land baron.
For Jerimiah and his young lover,it was also pure,untamed erotica.
And it would've been enjoyable to them--if it weren't for one thing.
The young woman's father had found them in Jerimiah's cabin.
And in a violent rage,both Jerimiah and the land baron had gotten into a fist fight in front of the poor girl.
But suddenly,during the fight,they had accidently knocked an oil lamp off of its hook and made it smash down to the floor.
And when the floor had started to burst into flames,the frightened young woman had screamed bloody murder.
They were all bured alive as soon as the entire cabin had been engulfed in flames.
Very weird.