This is.

This is...not exactly a song, but not exactly not a song, does that make sense? Probably not. Drat. It's very rough and unpolished, but if I tried to polish it anymore, then I'd be afraid of taking away the emotion. Parts of it rhyme, parts of it don't; I'm not a poet, I'm not good at writing poetry or songs. The first part is not really part of the song, but it's what I wrote before the song...If I write any more explanation, it'll be longer than the song itself. -_-;;


Some days I
just have to get out
of here
Some days I
never know where I

But someday
I'll learn how it is
to love and learn
away and free.


This place has never been a home to me
Since I learned what it was to get away
My address changed, my life's so strange
And no one knows exactly what to say

But someday I'll soar
Away from this world
On wings barely healed.
Someday I'll get out
And burst free
Telling you all what I mean

My dreams, my hopes, my prayers
Have always gone unanswered, so.
I'll figure out how to make them come true
For you and me both, I'll go.

And someday I'll get away
From this caged in world
Holding my soul in.
Someday I'm gonna leave
Pack up, ship out
To save myself

Someday I'll be remade
Gilded over smoothly
Shining brightly
Someday I'll stop
Or maybe I won't
Maybe I'll just run away.