I am not stupid, I'm not slow

The poem of clever people and why they are so annoying.

I am not stupid, I'm not slow

And all these things that I don't know

The stuff they teach us every day

It doesn't matter anyway

All of you may understand

But you all come from clever-land

Where people go to congregate

And talk, discuss the latest rate

Of inflation, or something that's boring too

Well guess what? I don't envy you!

I think it's like some cult, a sect

"The emanators of intellect"

"We work, we learn, we learn, we work!"

You walk around with that superior smirk

On your clever faces, full of graces

The etiquette of all good places

"We are smart and we are witty,"

Is that right? Well, what a pity

That success must now mean nothing to you

After all, it's just what you're used to

Do you laugh at my inferior wit?

'Cause while you're thinking I just sit

And wonder what is going on

By the time I know, well, you'll be gone

Oh yes, you're great, you are the best!

You're clever? Perfect? I'd never have guessed…